Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Growth Fairy!

Do you ever wake up, look at your kiddos and scratch your head in awe of the fact that they grew overnight? Apparently the growth fairy hit our house last night and bumped little Miss Mya and Mr. Mason right out of their previous wardrobe. So, tonight when Ryan got home I changed out of my jammies (no that's not a typo) and into some ratty sweats, put my hair in a ponytail and set out for the Woodburn outlets in search of spring wardrobes for my little ones. I did pretty well and made it home in about an hour and a half. You are probably wondering why I didn't just hop online and order new clothes, but with Mason and Mya I really have to look at the outfit to determine if it is a small 12-18 or a large much will it shrink...yadi yadi. And I absolutely detest returning things...all that to say I had to GO OUT to shop. I had to take a picture of the receipt...I was cracking up. I even placed my cell phone next to it so you could gauge the size of this puppy. Two babies the exact same age is spendy. I tell you that it is not TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE (one of the many comments I hear SO often). Cheers to you all and hopefully the growth fairy is out of our area for at least a couple of months. She already hit Logan two weeks ago--we are ready for spring!

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Enez Bradford said...

Stinker! I would have went with you! I was just waiting for you to tell me when! Brat... See you Wednesday?