Wednesday, March 10, 2010


On our way!
The Old Lahaina far the best early
Entertainment at the luau...

Dan and Annie's moped...the guys rented mopeds again later in the week to do some exploring!

Scenery on one of Ryan and Dan's mopedding adventures

More moments with the moped...can you tell what their favorite activity was?

Warren and Annabelle's Magic show...SO HILARIOUS! I would definitely recommend the attraction but you have to buy tickets before you go as they are sold out at least a week ahead.  Very fun!

Playing in the waves at Big Beach

Hanging from the largest Banyon Tree (downtown Lahaina)

Ryan on the Banyon Tree~

Our view from inside a submarine...checking out a sunken ship

Annie and I inside the sub...
Dan and Ryan on the beach...
What romantic scenery!

one of the pools at our beautiful!

The guys tried to entertain themselves while waiting for the tsunami...

Our view from up at the coffee plantation waiting for the impending tsunami to hit!

Out the window on our way back home!

I have had the most difficult time uploading photos lately!  Finally it worked and here they are.  Maui at a glance, although these pictures definitely do it justice...we had a great time and a WONDERFUL vacation.

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The Watson's said...

Okay...seeing pictures from Maui is making me THAT MUCH MORE EXCITED to go in June! Woohoo!!! Now, if I can only stay away from the popcorn and pretzel (with cheese!) at Target, too! ;) So glad yall had a good time!