Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mya's Monster Truck Adventure!

Yesterday was the Homer Davenport parade in Silverton. Our friend Dan was going to be in the parade driving his monster truck (the Full Bore enforcer). Ryan was going to ride with Dan so we thought that Logan might get a kick out of riding with them in the parade and throwing candy rather than just watching from the curb this year. To our surprise, Logan declined and instead wanted to go to the parade with Grammy, Nana and his cousins. Since Logan turned us down I figured for sure Mason would want to ride in the monster truck with us and throw candy. Nope, he too declined the offer. That left little Miss Mya (the more unlikely candidate in our minds) who was ecstatic at the idea of riding in the parade. She LOVED every minute of it. She waved and smiled like a true little princess. I think she ate more candy than she threw, but she really loved it. Here are a few snapshots of our ‘parade debut’!

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