Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Glorious Week Gone By!

This week brought some simple adventures. Most of the pictures need little to no I will spare you all the details. are growing and changing and fall is just around the corner. Onion harvest is in full swing and we are looking ahead to Logan beginning pre-school and BSF starting next Tuesday! I am sad to see the sunshine go away but I am thrilled for the structure that the 'school year' brings.
Miss Mya sat with me for a full hour while I got my nails done. She LOVED it. She kept trying to put her little hands up on the table. I can't wait until she's old enough to love getting her nails done. Daughters are so stinkin' fun!Ryan and I got to spend the night out together. We ended up Cosmic bowling in Silverton and playing Wii with the Schachers until late into the night! I couldn't pass up taking a picture of the score board because I kicked Ryan's tail. I took a bowling class in college but I am terrible. I walk all the way to the foul line, toss the ball and kick up my back leg....! I still can't figure out how I won...????
Fall brings back dark hair! Addi's 2nd birthday party! What a doll and what a great new bike!
Mya the gift opening helper!Daddy and Logan waiting on the deck for dinner!
Back to School BBQ at Willamette Christian School! It was also a meet your teacher and see your classroom evening.
This is Logan's smile when we tell him to smile for the camera. We will file this picture in the file titled "potential wedding slideshow pics for Logan and Melia"
Ring around the Rosey...


Kim W. said...

Your kids are adorable! I loved all the pictures, and will be VERY sad if you stop blogging, but I do understand the time thing. Anyhow, I just have to say I LOVE your hair dark! Love love love it! Beautiful as always though, either way! Have a good weekend, missy!

Tara said...

You and I are dark hair sisters...when I get my hair colored back to normal they always try to give me this mousy brown. I'm like...dark brown...dark, like almost black. HaHa! are too sweet!