Wednesday, September 2, 2009

In a Nutshell!

The warm summer days have kept us...well, outside! There is nothing sweeter than children splashing in the pool, snacking at the picnic table, driving trucks in the dirt, and finding all sorts of mischief to get into while mommy supervises and takes in some sun at the same time! Lunch and dinner outside have been a daily occurrence because the kiddos love it and I don't have any mess to clean up. Ryan has noted that he did mow up a lot of wet animal crackers last time he mowed the lawn, but that's a lot better than mopping the kitchen as far as I'm concerned. Mya has taken to the art of reclining in a lawn chair with her sippy cup. After a while she will go splash in the pool and play in the playhouse. It is such a mother like daughter. The boys on the other hand drive tractors, haul mud in Tonka trucks, push the wheelbarrow, pull weeds, and 'mow the lawn' (with a bubble mower of course). The differences are astounding, but they do have many commonalities as well...snacks, sprinklers, gatorade, bouncy get the idea. They are a little posse (did I spell that right?). I love watching them all do their own thing and develop their little personalities. So in a nutshell, this is what we've been up to...just enjoying the weather!

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Kim W. said...

Awww...I love the outside pictures! Fun in the sun, you can't beat it! Here in TX we have lots of it! So much of it that I am SO excited about fall! Hope you and the kiddos are doing great. Have a wonderful rest of your week! PS. Looked thru some old Delano Bay camp pictures the other day! GOOD TIMES! ;)