Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cavity Free!

Yesterday I took Logan for his first dental appointment. It was a cleaning and check-up basically. We had been preparing for it all week by talking about all that was to be expected and reading books. Logan ROCKED the house! He was such a trooper. Since he didn't have any cavities, he is a proud member of the 'No Cavity Kids Club' complete with his own t-shirt. He also got two movie tickets, and a chance to win a Wii. He had such a good time...He can't wait for his next visit to the dentist!

Open wide!

"hmmm...I've never had a hand massage before! Are these for boys or grills?" -Logan

His new T-shirt!


Rebecca Ragan said...

Way to go Momma, and way to go Logan!!! Huge success! :) While your little one had his full mouth successfully inspected, mine just hopped into the wild world of long always happy baby, for now. :(

Kim W. said...

What a big boy! I hope our experience goes just as well! We are supposed to take Jake I'll be crossing my fingers! Too bad our dentist doesn't have a Cavity Free Kids Club! That is way cool! :)

Gina Lierman said...

What a great mom you are! Way to go on handling his 1st visit! Connor's was a success as well as we did the whole thing with books and visit ,etc. We want to join the cavity free club and get a cool t-shirt and a massage even! Wow... You'll have to tell me how the Dr. is...later. I just love your blog! So fun to follow through. You keep it interesting and exciting. Just awesome--YOU are.

Denee said... love the t-shirt! See...i DO read your blog! You tell Logan that auntee Nee' has never had a cavity! I think i should get a nordstrom's shopping spree instead of a t-shirt this year!

Tara said...

Haha! Denee' you are such a funny girl! Logan will get a kick out of your joke. He hates Nordy's because it equates to shoe shopping for him. He's like, "Ahhh, man....this place again!!!!" Someday he will appreciate a quality European shoe. Little does he know that he has a great sense of style!