Saturday, December 19, 2009

Logan aka Man of the House!

Well our playroom is coming along quite well (as far as projects go) and I am getting so excited. The space will be such a blessing, but having contractors around has created MANY funny moments. Logan is under the impression that when his daddy is away he is the man of the house. He is prepared to keep those contractors in line (haha...they are wonderfully polite guys NOT in need of being watched over) letting them know the house rules and preparing for possible enforcement of those rules. Here are a few of the funny moments:

***On the first day the contractors were here, Logan sized them up and told them that their boots were dirty and they should NOT come in the house with them on as to "make his mommy's floor filthy". He informed them that he would clean their boots if they needed to come in the house!

***Later that day he asked one of them not to park the work van in the driveway because that's where his mommy parks.

***Upon noticing that sheet rock was being ripped out, Logan loudly declared, "My daddy is not going to be happy about this guys!"

***One afternoon he told the guys that they needed to be quiet because Mason and Mya were sleeping.

It just cracks me up that he feels the need to supervise the coming and goings of the construction guys. He thinks he needs to 'hold down the fort' when daddy's away...Aren't little boys the cutest?

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