Saturday, December 19, 2009

Wheelbarrow Races...?

Pretty amazing for a Nana, huh? I think Papa was feeling pooped! Papa's make really good horseys!
Logan's turn being the wheelbarrow!
I think I need to begin an exercise regimen....
Daddy was a pro.
On Friday night we went over to Greg and Judy's for a yummy birthday dinner! My actual birthday was on Tuesday but it didn't work out to do dinner until Friday. It was a pretty standard evening...laughter, conversation, good food...wheelbarrow races? After dinner Greg was playing on the floor with the kiddos and somehow the grown-ups got going on wheelbarrow races. Me and my big mouth piped up about how easy it was. Needless to say I am slightly out of shape and could HARDLY do it unless Ryan held me by the knees rather than the ankles. It was really funny and I was actually laughing out loud. I couldn't help but snap a few pictures of the chaos that was occuring!

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Melissa said...

I never in my life thought I'd see my Uncle Greg and Aunt Judy in a wheelbarrow race! Classic! :)