Wednesday, April 28, 2010

An asian restaurant or a wedding...

 The other day Mason was ' up to his old tricks'!  I keep lots of rice in the house (hence the title 'An asian restaurant or a wedding) and Mason took the liberty of distributing it throughout the house!  Grrr....I was less than thrilled!
and later that day he and Mya also did this...farewell to one of my favorite decorations!
Mason and Mya are so good (for the most part) but together it's like a slumber party gone bad.  They sort of encourage the mischevious aspects of each other.  Sometimes it's kind of funny and other times I want to cry!  I wanted to cry about the rice but the  bowl was sort of funny! :)


Our Family Blog said...

OH man! I guess if you dont laugh you cry-right! :P

Liz Schaecher said...

You are SO MUCH more patient than I am!! I guess it's double trouble with M&M! :)