Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dress 'em up!

 Occasionally Logan, Mason and Mya bust out the dress up clothes!  Mya loves to dress up, so I have started buying 'boy-approved' dress-up clothes (aka not fairies and princesses) for Mason and Logan.  Logan has taken well to the fireman and railroad conductor outfits but I still have to work on keeping Mason out of the fairy and princess outfits.  Needless to say, Ryan doesn't love his sons wearing pink and purple dress-up clothes.  Even so, I think these pictures are PRICELESS!  In fact, they should probably be in a Mastercard commercial...

Nana and Papa got Mya this purse for Easter and she LOVES it! She has a mirror, lipgloss, keys and sunglasses in it....It's her newest prize posession.

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