Friday, May 14, 2010

Working woman...

Working....9 to 5....Tryin' to make a livin'....barely gettin' by....okay most of that is a stretch and I don't sound much like Dolly Parton but I I do feel like an invigorated woman holding her head high. I wasn't sure how I was going to feel or how the kiddos would react to me working, but so far it has been wonderful. I leave home at 7:15 and my mini-van pulls back into the driveway promptly at 11:30. I am able to have lunch with the kiddos and have some time to play outside for a couple hours before we take our ever-shortening afternoon nap and get on with the rest of the day. I have limited myself to the 'hours of the job' (other than one, two-hour weekend session each week, to plan and prepare for the school week ahead). The cool thing about the 'weekend session' is that I can take the kiddos with me to the classroom to listen to books on tape, play in the kitchen and build stuff with blocks. During the work week, I get up earlier than the rest of the clan, get ready, get out, accomplish just enough to remind me that I am indeed a competant adult, and return home to be mommy. On Monday the kiddos spend the morning with my mom (which they do regardless of whether or not I'm working), on Tuesday the kiddos spend the morning with Nana (which they do regardless of whether or not I'm working) and Wed-Fri. I have a gal come to our house in the morning. It is actually a college gal who was in my small group at church when she was a middle schooler and I was a college student. How random is that? It is working out SOOOOO nicely. I won't lie, I came into a difficult situation (classroom wise) for a sundry of reasons but I feel as though it is going great. I still 'got it' (lol...but that is how I feel sort of). There are definitely days that I don't feel like going to work, but there are lots of days I have to leave the classroom before I'm ready to also. Sorry that it took me so long to update you all, but blogging and facebooking and two of the things I have trimmed back to make room for some new things in my schedule!

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