Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pet Parade 2010

Grammy, Logan and Mason (he's sort of hidden) waited for the Pet Parade to begin!  Logan woke up so excited this morning...
Parade participant...a goat

Another parade participant...miniature horse
Mya and I watching all the animals parade mby...She barked at most of the animals going by!

The parade also featured lots of dogs dressed up in various costumes...
The kids had a ton of fun yesterday at the Silverton Pet Parade.  I was pleasantly surprised because when Logan was about the age of Mason and Mya, he cried LOUDLY every time ANY animal walked by (including even the smallest of poodles).  As you could imagine, we had to watch most of the parade from a distance.  This year all the kiddos had a great time...we took the wagon, watched the parade and grabbed some lunch on our way back to Grammy's house. 

So I have to explain the pet parade those of you who are staring confusedly at the computer.  The pet parade simply features pets.  Not particularly extraordinary pets nor pets that do extraordinary tricks...just kiddos (and parentals) and  pets of all types.  I have to admit that the first year I attended (probably 5 years ago) I was confused when I saw a child walking by pulling a wagon loaded with a small, orange goldfish. Since then I have come to appreciate the simplicity and joy of a town gathered together for a pet parade. 

In anticipation, Logan popped out of bed this morning talking to anyone who would listen about all the fun that was ahead for the day.  He doesn't have any pets yet, but he really wants to pull Mason and Mya in a wagon next year in the pet parade.  He does call Mya his 'kitty' and Mason his 'Mas-dawg'.  For now, they are the closest things to pets he is going to get.  We will have to negotiate this when it gets closer to next year.  For now, we will settle with being spectators!

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