Thursday, July 29, 2010

High School Reunion!

I finally got around to posting some pictures from my 10 year class reunion!  It was so exciting to see my gal pals (and other classmates too)!  We had a family picnic that morning and a dinner (minus kiddos) in the evening.  I didn't take any photos at the picnic earlier in the day (which I am super bummed about) but these are some of the pictures from our evening.  Our family stayed with Denee's parents along with she, Travis and Aksel.  Staying up late with Denee', working on projects, laughing (you get the idea) totally took me right back to high school.  It was a wonderful weekend to relax and enjoy my family while also reminissing with friends.  I am so grateful to the Lord that I look back on my high school years with fondness.  I truly enjoyed my years at TBS and loved the opportunity to revisit my old stomping grounds and great friends! What a blessing!
Me, Denee, Kristin and Becca! Now if we had just had Molly and Heidi, we would have had us all!

Everybody was cracking up at how much Ryan looked like this guy I went to high school with.  I figured that we better take a picture so that you guys could decide.  What do you think?

Look like twins?  Or is it just the dark hair?

Denee', Elya and I worked together to plan the reunion for our class!
Still Besties after all these years!

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The Watsons said...

I love it! Makes me miss all of you girlies and the fun and crazy times! Glad yall had a good time; I don't even know if our class had a 10 year...guess I am WAY outta the loop down here in TX! Ha! Anyhow, yall all look beautiful!