Friday, July 2, 2010

Joyfully embracing where we are at...

This might sound strange but the other day it dawned on me that our kiddos are growing up. 

While sitting at Red Robin the other day, I began reflecting on life.  Suddenly our children looked like kids and not babies to me....  Cognitively I knew our children were in the process of growing up (obviously), but it hasn't really FELT like that to me.  Having twins and a 22 month-old meant that I couldn't go anywhere alone and things were ALWAYS crazy and someone was always upset about something.  At any given time somebody was napping, or getting ready to nap...eating or getting ready to eat....spitting up or getting ready to spit up....going to a doctor's appointment or coming from a doctor's appointment. Getting three little ones ready and in the car felt like way more effort than it was worth.  Life was just hectic with a house full of babies (at least that's how it felt).  I felt like we would be in the 'baby stage' forever. 

As I looked at my three kiddos that afternoon all sitting in a restaurant booth, eating their own kid's meals (chosen by them), and coloring their menu, it occured to me that they aren't babies anymore.  For the longest time I couldn't really take the kids anywhere by myself and now I can take them all without a stroller if I have to.  I say all this because I am LOVING LIFE! I am loving this new stage of life that is bringing more outings, more adventure and less time at home.  I relish the time I have with our precious kiddos, and savor all the memories, but I have to admit that I joyfully say good-bye to the baby stage and say hello to having 'kiddos'. 

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