Friday, July 2, 2010

Visit from Aksel!

Travis, Denee' (my best friend since middle school for those of you who are just joining us) and Aksel came for a visit the other day and we LOVED every minute of it!  I feel like I have a special connection with Aksel since I got to be part of his debut entrance into the world.  He will always get great birthday gifts from Auntie Tara!  Trav spent most of the day working with Ryan while Denee' and I hung out with all the kiddos here.  Thanks to the precious Ax man, the Bennett kiddos now want a baby brother or sister.  Naturally they are completely VETOED by the mommy and daddy of the house, but the pictures are still darling!

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SarahD said...

Aksel is so stinking cute! He's already grown up so much! :-)