Friday, June 5, 2009

The Container Store

Yesterday Logan and I made a quick trip to Bridgeport Village to visit The Container Store. I love that place with a passion because I love bags/totes. Not just handbags, but diaper bags, reusable shopping bags, picnic totes, lunch bags, overnight bags and pretty much any other type of bag you could imagine. A couple of my latest finds have been 1. an amazing neoprene lunch tote that feels like a wet suit and keeps food cold forever 2. very cool reusable shopping totes that are wide at the bottom and have cool floral graphics 3. a brown and green tote that looks like a little like a shopping basket. I think my fascination with bags stems from loving to be organized. A place for everything and everything in it's place. Nothing frustrates me more than getting somewhere and having all our gear strewn all over. There is always a slew of stuff requiring a place...sand toys, picnic lunches, sunscreen, chapstick, etc. I prefer not to stuff it all in one giant bag and hope for the best because WE LOSE STUFF EVERYWHERE....I can't tell you how many pairs of sunglasses and hats we have lost this year alone. My favorite finds yesterday were the basket tote and the CUTE reusable bags. I never remember to take the reusable bags into stores to actually cut down on plastic bag consumption (which I hope to get better at), but I love having them in the van for random times when I need a bag. For example, the other day the plastic bag our sand toys were in ripped so I had oodles of sand toys rolling all over the van. The shopping basket one is going to be for picnics and various other outdoor outings. I like the kids being able to see what's inside to cut down on the needless dumping of the WHOLE snack sack every time someone is looking for a treat. When we are on our little outings (zoo, museum, friends' house, etc.), I find my mind wandering to little (or large) bags and or handy containers that would be perfect for the moment. Kind of sad, I know....but I just can't help it (I think I'm a little OCD).
It collapses and has a soft handle that lays down! How cool is that?
For the van....
fold them up and stuff them in!


Angela said...

Cute stuff! I have never been in that store but have always wanted to go!
So glad you guys survived the storm and power outage. It was crazy over here too!
And last that is my BFF Rebecca's kiddos in that picture.
Have a great day my friend!

Anonymous said...

I am so right there with you - I love bags! You grabbed some cute ones!