Monday, June 8, 2009


This morning, following a breakfast of Mickey Mouse pancakes, the kids were playing nicely with Mega Blocks so I decided to quickly try to sort/start some laundry. After a few minutes I came into the living room to the sight of Logan diving under the coffee table in an attempt to hide. Those of you with kiddos know that this means someone, and or everyone, is UP TO NO GOOD. After a quick glance around the room I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary, so I began to walk out when I smelled baby powder. After further investigation I found that Logan, Mason and Mya had dumped an ENTIRE, GIANT sized bottle of baby powder all over the living room. Most of the mess was sort of hidden from sight by our large coffee table, so I hadn't noticed it at first. Typically in situations like these...Logan is the brains of the operation and Mason and Mya are the 'clueless' cohorts (kind of like Jasper and Horace on 101 Dalmatians). I put Mason and Mya to bed (it was their nap time anyway), and began operation tidy up the living room. I debated about whether or not to have Logan help me because he loves using rags and water to clean. He would do it all day long if we would let him--so I almost felt like I was rewarding him. But in the end I did have him help me clean up the mess and we actually had a good time together. He would clean for a few minutes and then morph into Buzz Lightyear, flying off the couch shouting "to infinity and beyond". Then he would clean again....he actually did a pretty good job. The real bummer about baby powder is that it settles in the air and on EVERYTHING ELSE TOO! We cleaned up for a good solid hour. PS: For some reason if you try to vacuum up large quantities of baby powder with an upright vacuum cleaner, you get shocked a lot. I would recommend the canister type vacuum for this type of clean-up. Well for what it's hardwood floors got a relatively decent cleaning and I probably burned a few calories!

I think it snowed here!Mason is okay with getting dirty! In fact he even seems to enjoy it!
Mya looked down at herself and realized she was getting dirty. She immediately started sobbing!
I got this far with the upright before I switched to the other vacuum. I was seriously getting shocked A LOT.
The baby powder dust left behind!
Logan's Janitorial Service to the rescue!
To infinity and beyond!


StephanieThorp said...

I laughed when I read this and felt bad for you all at the same time. I can so see myself in this fact I was in a similar one with formula a few weeks ago. Though it was nowhere near this magnitude!

Angela said...

TARA!!!! I am dying!!!! I am so glad in them the midst of it you took pictures!!!! :)