Saturday, June 20, 2009

Last week at the Bennett House....

This last week has kept us crazy busy for a sundry of reasons. Mason and Mya are getting busier and busier everyday. Mason can climb anything and everything which doesn't leave me with much time to blog. Mya started walking pretty stinkin' well this last week. She officially started walking the week before last which is SUCH A BLESSING! I am so thrilled that she is progressing developmentally. Praise the Lord for His grace and kindness to us and also for His hand in Mya's life.

Some other random things that have kept us hopping ....Ryan and Logan spent Sunday afternoon assembling a 'Mason resistant' toy box for the living room. Our hardwood floors were taking quite a beating from all the throwing of small toy boxes that was taking place. I love the toy boxes...they stack and hold EVERYTHING so neatly. Love them, love them, love them (

The kids and I have been working on their Father's Day gifts for Ryan. We made stepping stones complete with handprints and mosaic tiles. A word to the wise...concrete, sand, paint and babies and/or young children isn't the smartest combination, however we survived.

We also started finding these little tiny pests around the house. The exterminator identified them as flour beetles so we had to tear the kitchen apart hunting for the source. WE NEVER DID FIND THE SOURCE! Ryan looked at every piece of food in our whole house one night (and no I didn't help him because I don't do indoor pests). Supposedly these little critters are often in factories and occasionally hitch a ride on our food to our houses. Kind of sick huh? I am a big wimp when it comes to bugs inside the house, I won't lie. Meanwhile, the Oregon State extension office says they are furniture beetles which would be a whole different story. Whatever they are, they seem to have gone into hiding for now.
That's how big the bug actually is...they are pretty tiny.
Up close and personal!
Ryan and I were also preparing to leave the kiddos with our moms for a couple days while we headed out of town. In order to be gone, I had lots of shopping to do (Father's Day gifts and cards, anniversary gift, etc.), laundry to wash and groceries to buy. Overall, it was just a busy week of life. Well, that's about covers the highlights for the week. Blessings!

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