Monday, June 29, 2009

UP....with 3D glasses!

Yesterday Ryan and I took Logan to see the Disney/Pixar movie UP (the 3D version). It was his very first time to a movie theatre and HE LOVED IT. It was so cute. He had his candy, pop, popcorn and 3D glasses all ready for the show. Shortly after the movie began Logan kept saying, "Daddy...I can't see. Daddy....I can't see." Ryan looked through his glasses and they were smeared with popcorn grease; the whole view was cloudy. We were dying laughing. When it was over Logan said, " I like that place, let's get one." Apparently our TV's don't make the grade in comparison to the big screen. We had such good time....and really enjoyed the movie.
Daddy and Logan in the theatre. The greasy glasses.

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