Saturday, January 9, 2010

Favorite Christmas Photos...

These were some of my favorite Christmas photos this year...not for the great photographic qualities (obviously) but rather for the sheer humor of what they represent...those classic moments that are etched in a person's mental holiday photo album. Christmas 2009 will forever go down in history as the year of the vacuum cleaners. Grammy got the kiddos vacuum cleaners for Christmas and they have been running ever since. Mason got a green Dyson and Mya got a red Dirt Devil. They both have working attachments and actually pick up dust bunnies. Needless to say, they have been a huge hit around this house. Some of my other favorite moments were when Miss Mya tromped around the house in one of her new princess outfits toting a tool box and drill while making repairs around the house. Another classic was Mason walking around the house with his and Mya's new cell phones BOTH plastered to his ear. Mya's phone quickly met an ugly fate when it kept shorting out during the night and got sent to the great abyss of the front yard during a rain storm. Nearly each and every picture of Logan features his 'cheese' face....I will look forward to his growing out of that stage! Anyhoo...Blessings!

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