Thursday, January 14, 2010

Party time!

On Tuesday night Ryan and I took the kiddos and some pizza over to the Schacher's house to hang out. We had a blast hanging out, but it always causes me to reminiss about the old days when we would hang out together into the wee hours of the morning watching American Idol on DVR and playing Ms. Pac-man. It is funny how life changes...Now we take jammies for the little ones and hope they make it until 8:00. What a crazy life!


Coleson's Blog said...

fun!!! Oh, it's true isnt it....oh life changes. (and is your top a dress or just a sweater? I have a sweater dress just like that!)

The Watson's said...

BEAUTIFUL picture of you! Love it! Always have loved your smile, have such a warm smile! Hope you are great, my dear!

Tara said...

It is totally a sweater dress! Go figure it, we have something the same! What a crack up....Mine is from Target a year or two ago. I love it with tights and Uggs or leggings and flats. It feels like I am wearing warm, cozy jammies ALL DAY LONG!