Friday, January 1, 2010

A Quick look at ChristmasEve and Christmas...

Phew! The work is nearly done around this joint! I am all cleaned up and 'disassembled' from Christmas and I got our 2009 family scrapbook complete, uploaded, and ordered (all 80 pages of it)! I worked for about 14 hours yesterday to get it all done-the scrapbooking that it is. Our garage project is nearly wrapped up (100% complete on this upcoming Tuesday morning....YES! I think I might have a garage-warming party...or something else kinda goofy like that. Anyways, here are the scrapbook pages from Christmas Eve, Christmas morning and the afternoon at my grandma's house too. What a blessed Christmas we had! I must say that my favorite part of Christmas this year was Christmas Eve at our house where we had a birthday party for Jesus. The roar of kiddos laughing and running as well as the smell of food and sights of loved ones was really fun. Nevermind that the evening ended with tired kiddos melting down (mostly Logan)...all in all, it was a really nice evening!

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