Saturday, January 9, 2010

Playroom complete!

Here is a quick photo update of how the garage went! It looks great and the kiddos absolutely LOVE it. All I can say is that this added play space is an absolute God send (honestly). The stress level of this mama has gone down significantly. All that to say I am thrilled…and I love my new washer and dryer! 


Coleson's Blog said...

ooo! I am jealous! (and oh so happy for you!) :) Looks great!

Janna said...

Looks fantastic! I LOVE having my washer and dryer in the playroom. I can keep up on laundry so much easier now!

Rebecca Ragan said...

Great job! I am so jealous of your space! The baby stuff has taken over our tiny house! I too just got a new washer/dryer! Don't know how I did it before! Now if I could only find a gadget to fold and put away my laundry...sheer bliss! :)