Friday, November 7, 2008

Gilbert House and the Carousel!

Logan eating lunch on the outdoor play structure--

Mason and Mya found a room for people just their size!

Logan in the theater room--he got to see himself on tv!

Mason will never turn down a french fry!

Ryan made a HUGE bubble!

Mya popped a bubble on grammy!

Logan tried to make a bubble all the way around himself--but he popped it with his bum!

Mason and I posed for a picture in some dinosaur thing--who knows????

A ride on the school bus-- woo-hoo!

Mason and Mya were all done-- they needed to eat and go to sleep....

Logan got his ride on the carousel!

This afternoon my mom and I packed up Logan, Mason and Mya and took them to the Gilbert House to eat lunch and check out all the activities. Fortunately, Ryan was able to come meet us and even stay most of the time. The kids loved all the exhibits. Mason and Mya seemed to like the bubble room best and Logan loved the large outdoor play structure. He also enjoyed 'grocery shopping', where he got to scan and bag his groceries. There are always so many fun things at the Gilbert House...and the weather was beautful, so we even got to eat outside.
After we left the Gilbert House I couldn't help but go by the carousel. By this point Mason and Mya were out cold in their car seats, but Logan was ready for the second adventure of the day. He got to ride three times. Twice with me and once with grammy (we took turns staying with sleeping babies in the car). What an exciting day; I love to take advantage of the gorgeous fall weather.

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Janna said...

I love these pictures! It all looks so fun!

Wait - do your babies have teeth? when did they get teeth? my boys have NO teeth and I can't feel any coming in; should I be worried?