Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Who isn't up for a pedicure?

Girl's night out...Paige's slumber party!in process...
The final product-- lucky for me this was free!

Saturday night Ryan and I got to go out to dinner with our beloved friends Josh and Becca. We had an awesome time....they are always great company. After we got home I went over to Jessica's house for Paige's slumber party. We had a great time and the girls (okay mostly Faith, age 5) gave me a pedicure. Truth be told, I did really need one but this pedicure was of a completely different caliber. I am still scraping bright pink nail polish out of my cuticles. Jessica and I stayed up until about 2:30 watching PS I Love You....it was a fun girls night! I can't wait until next year...!


Anonymous said...

Your so cute. You know every time you come over now, Faith will be asking to give you another pedicure. Good luck with that sista!

Angela said...

I am dying! You are such a good sport!! Sounds like so much fun!