Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Physical Therapy!

On Monday, we had the esteemed priveledge of taking ALL three kiddos to Portland for Mya's physical therapy appointment. It was a little hectic, but fun nonetheless. Mason wanted to get in on the toy action, and Logan wanted to check out all the goodies in the therapy room.

Mya's progress: Jocelyn, her therapist, was really pleased with Mya's progress. Mya is pulling her legs up (a little) like she really wants to crawl. She is rolling all over and pivoting her body around to reach toys. Jocelyn sounded really encouraged by how well Mya is doing. She will see another pediatric development specialist mid-December.

Be praying that God will grant the doctors wisdom to see Mya's needs clearly; that they will have insight into what may be going on in her tiny little body and mind. Also pray that Mya would continue to have a spirit of determination!

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