Sunday, December 14, 2008

Almost One!

It is hard to believe but Mason and Mya will be turning one in January! I have already begun the birthday party preparations...! I feel kind of bad, but Mason and Mya's party is going to pale in comparision to Logan's 'event'. I tell you that only because we may have met you, even love you and not bother you with a birthday party invite this time around. I learned my lesson with Logan's party. It was overwhelming to both him and me...we are going to tame this party a little bit. Jessica came over this week to take some pictures of Mason and Mya for the invitations. I haven't finished the invite yet, but I had to show you these cute pics!

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Coleson's Blog said...

Wow! One! They still look like babies! They're so cute and you are smart for not going over board with the party. We just had immedidate family for was great!(and still enough to worry about!)