Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lots of babies!

An earlier, more well received picture, but Mason and Mya were both napping during this one!
After a while, Melia and Logan had to take some R&R time to watch Mickey Mouse Christmas!

We were trying to get all of them in a picture...our efforts were unappreciated. No Mya...she was sleeping.

Thursday my gal pals Becca and Janna came over with their kiddos. Becca has a little girl, Melia, 8 months older than Logan and has a another little one (Kylee) 3 months younger than Mason and Mya. Janna has twin boys (Jered and Gabe) also a few months younger than Mason and Mya. We had a blast and couldn't help but laugh at how many babies were crawling around the living room! To make it just a little louder and more amusing Logan and Melia were racing around the house in Logan's little ride-along-cars! What a good time and an amazing blessing to see so many kiddos all together! We had such a good time that our play-date lunch turned into play-date dinner and we didn't disband until the hubbys and the kids were too tired to continue...we moms could go on forever.

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