Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Her own journey--

Whenever I get discouraged about one of Mya's doctor's visits, my good pal Becca reminds me that Mya is on her own little journey! It helps me keep things in perspective. Yesterday, Mya saw another pediatric development specialist at Emanuel. She has been doing well in speech and physical therapy and seems to be making good progress. I was cautiously optimistic that the doctor would see Mya and be so thrilled with her progress that possibly she would give Mya a "clean bill of health" and we would be sent on our way. Unfortunately, they are still concerned about her development in several areas so they would like her to continue in therapy and continue to be closely monitored. I am grateful for the great care Mya is receiving, but all the unknowns are a little overwhelming. I am thankful that Mya has a heavenly father who is all-knowing and all-powerful. I pray that the Lord's will would be done in Mya's life and that she would bring honor and glory to God all her days no matter her circumstance.


Chris/ty said...

Ever since I found your blog a few days ago, I have been praying for your sweet girl. What a bummer of a bump in the road, huh? Way to be optimistic my friend!

the Skips said...

God is being glorified in her little life so much ALREADY as you, her awesome momma, continues to persevere looking to Him and trusting in Him! She is soooo blessed to have you as a mom.

Molly Briggs said...

If it's any consolation, my twin Matt had very similar issues and was in occupational & speech therapy through elementary school and had no lingering problems in adulthood-he's the strongest, most active person in the fam these days!
Keep your eyes on Jesus!