Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mason to Mya to OHSU

Many of you know that Mason and Mya have some reflux issues...! As a result we have been waiting to get into a pediatric gastroenterologist for 3 months. Mason has been getting worse and worse but I just kept that Dec. 18th appointment in my mind. Of course the wonderful snow comes in and threatens to keep us from our appointment. I vowed that I would take Mason on a city bus to get to OHSU if I had to (and that's not like me). Fortunately Ryan was willing to brave the ice and snow so we could take the kiddos to their appointment. We were one of only a few people who made their appointments that morning. It actually worked out quite well as we got nice long, thorough appointments. There wasn't anyone else around, so no one was in a hurry. While we were in our appointment the doctor called for us to step out into the hall to look out the window. The sky was pouring huge flakes of snow and all the beautiful evergreen trees were covered. Since the hospital sits way up on a hill it really felt like we were in a giant
snow globe. It was an amazing sight! The doctor changed up medicines and doses for Mason and Mya and also ordered swallow studies and anatomy exams on their throats, noses, etc. Good news was that there isn't anything severely wrong; bad news is we are still working at the guessing game of getting these kiddos figured out. I can deal with the yuckiness of it all if we can just get a little weight on Mason. It was kind of fun to venture out in the snow on Thursday and Friday (appointments and tests)! What a beautiful sight.

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