Monday, July 6, 2009

Summer Fun!

This time of year brings the special joys of playing outside, fleeing from bees and eating strawberry shortcake at EZ Orchards. I am reminded of the amazing blessing that children and family are. Strawberry shortcake and snacks at the picnic table are always full of humor and joy when kiddos are involved. I love the hubub and chaos that children bring to formerly mundane tasks.
Thank you Lord that I have the opportunity to care for the kiddos you have entrusted to my care. Help me to enjoy them as well as the beautiful sunshine you have blessed us with. -Tara

Who are those other people following us? And what the heck is a shadow?

A girl's best friend!Snacks outside! Amen to less mess!

The princess has a carriage!There has to be a better way out of here!

Hey! This is our house...this is not your house! -Logan

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