Sunday, November 15, 2009

Achey, Breaky Body!

So I sound like a bad country song, but I am so stinkin' sore. I wish I could say that I am stiff and tight from massive physical exertion (leading to massive calorie burning, of course) but that would be a big, fat FIB! I have been scrapbooking for two FULL days. Yesterday I scrapped from 9-9 at an scrapbooking event and today I finished up at home from this morning until right now. I was determined to get my holiday gift projects done this weekend.... by done I mean, completed, uploaded, ordered, etc. The whole shibang! I always wait until the last minute and one of two things happens. 1.) I just skip the sentimental, meaningful projects and figure I'll do better the following Christmas or 2.) I pay astronomical shipping costs to get something I've known I needed before Christmas all stinkin' year! So all that said, I have been sitting on my duff for two days working tirelessly! I am thrilled...really thrilled but have one aching body! This year I will be done shopping and creating well before the Christmas season begins so that I can bake cookies, enjoy the the sights and smells, do crafts with my kiddos, focus on the Lord, not be grumpy, and not have to hit the malls at rush hour! Praise the Lord, and bring on the Christmas season!

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