Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walki in the Truth!

I love the things that Logan notices about the Lord and His working. Yesterday we drove by a cross and Logan said, "Mom, that's like the one Jesus died on." So we talked a little bit about it and continued on. Just a nice teachable moment to reflect on what Jesus did for us.

Whenever someone is singing a song Logan pauses and says, "Are we singing to Jesus?" (That's what we do around this joint, and since he doesn't always appreciate my singing I have to remind him that Jesus doesn't assess our vocal quality but just our heart.) Hallelujah for that!

Last week he was telling me about Jesus feeding the 5,000. He didn't remember a ton about the story but he looked at me with awe and amazement as he said, "Jesus fed all those people with just a little boy's lunch." I love hearing his insight about the Lord, His power, and His word.

We do Logan's Bible Study at night and he is really committed to it. The other night he fell asleep in the living room so I quietly carried him to his room and slid him into bed. With one eye cracked he whispered, "Mom, don't forget my Bible Study. Despite his grogginess and exhaustion he didn't want to miss an evening learning about God and His Word.

Not too long ago when Logan had a friend over I heard Logan repeat something he often hears. They were having a three-year-old conversation about sharing and Logan told him,"Everything in this house belongs to the Lord and we share it all."

Talk about warming the heart of a mother. We pray for our kiddos. For their character, spirit, joy and an open heart to things of the Lord. I rejoice when Logan notices the little things in life and relates them to Jesus. That means Jesus is on his mind and that brings me inner joy while also reminding me that what I do as a mommy is important. The lessons of character I teach my kiddos will make a difference and the prayers of intercession I offer to the Lord will have a positive impact on their lives.

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Brandi said...

That is precious. It brought a tear to my eye. You will be rewarded in so many ways for the way you are raising your children.