Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Disney on Ice!

I had it all planned! I got tickets to Disney on Ice for us, my mom and all three of the kiddos. I couldn't decide if Mason and Mya were too young to enjoy the show or not so I opted to take them, but also take my mom as an extra set of grown-up hands to help out. I couldn't wait for the kiddos to get all nestled into their seats with popcorn, soda and souvenirs. They were going to get to see Lightning McQueen and crew as well as all the other Disney characters and princesses. I just knew they were going to LOVE it, be so well-behaved and make magical memories of family and fun. We were going to take lots of pictures and have glorious scrapbook pages of our adventure. Clearly I had NO IDEA what the day would truly be like. Basically it went like this. First, Mason and Mya didn't want to be there. They squirmed, screamed and were extrememely disgruntled. Second, Logan wanted to go home. He loved seeing Lightning McQueen, Tow Mater, Sally and the rest of the cars but they were only on the ice for 10-15 minutes. Once the Cars were gone he kept yelling that he didn't like the show and wanted to leave. No one around us could enjoy the show because of our kicking, yelling crew. So at intermission we left, got on the wrong Max, got lost but finally got back to our car! Grrrrr.... What a waste of time and money. Every fiber of my being wanted to create a darling scrapbook page depicting a wonderful afternoon of family fun, but I couldn't remain in denial. The whole afternoon stunk, we wasted a lot of money on a show that our kiddos didn't enjoy at all, we lost several binkies and we didn't really get any great pictures. Oh well, we tried and we will probably try again next year. The show really was amazing (at least what I saw of it)! Hooray for Disney on Ice!

The Max ride to the show...we didn't pay attention to how we got there because we didn't anticipate the solo ride home! Downing a LARGE popcorn before the show even started!

The CARS characters...if only they had stayed out the whole show!
The skaters really were amazing!

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Rebecca Ragan said...

I miss your blogging, Tara! No pressure, just wanted to let you know I missed peaking into your adventures in motherhood. Thanks for sharing some updates!

The Lord truly is the Great Healer and Physician. I have been so panicky about swine flu, and it took a lot of prayer and faith to finally give it to God and know that he loves Brooks more than I could ever imagine, and no matter what germs he is exposed to, God will protect him.

You are a great momma.

All the best, friend.