Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mya to Portland!

Yesterday Mya had another appointment in Portland to assess her development. I always face these appointments with apprehension and uneasiness. I know in my heart that she is doing fine, but I long for 'medical approval' that she is right on track. I decided to take Mason to the appointment also because he is so good at drawing her out of the shell she retreats to during these appoinments. She gets quiet and unresponsive because she is bashful in new environments. Fortunately Mason did just that. The kids played, giggled, ran and 'talked'. The doctors were pleasently surprised by what they saw. She received passing scores for most of the assessment and they don't want to see her again for 9 months. They were astounded at her progress and were thrilled with her development.

In our study of John (Bible Study Fellowship) we just finished up chapter 5. In the chapter a nobleman has a son who is ill to the point of death. The nobleman leaves his son to go seek out Jesus in hopes that Jesus would agree to come heal his son. At first glance this was a story I had heard many times, and truthfully I didn't think much of it. But what struck me this time around was the fact that this man was willing to LEAVE the side of his very ill son in an act of intercession of sorts. What if the official's son had died while he was away? What if Jesus hadn't offered healing to the boy? He could have potentially missed the last days and hours of his son's life. The official had faith that if he left his son and sought out Jesus, his son would be healed. I felt convicted to leave the health of my kiddos to Jesus (especially our little princess, Mya). Of course I believe that Jesus does offer healing and restoration through medical intervention, but there is a peace that comes from the reminder that we are called to leave our children in the hand of the Father, and even bring them there regularly through intercessory prayer. He is the Great Physician and the Healer! Despite my fleshly desire to have all things under my own control, Mya is first and foremost the Lord's child. Hallelujah for that!

All that said, Mya is doing so amazingly well. When I look back to all the scary, emotional times we have faced I feel confident that Mya's health has been restored. I'm not sure why, but I am grateful. I trust that Mya's life will bring him honor no matter her circumstance! Thank you Lord.

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the Skips said...

lovin' the Bennett Brief! it's always worth the wait! thanks for your perspective on John 5. very inspiring!