Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A little of this, and a little of that!

Just a quick catch-up of our week in the INSANELY HOT Willamette Valley!

Who: Bennetts (us), Bennetts (Ryan's brother & fam), Kogers (family friends)
What: Devils Lake to beat the valley heat
Info: On Sunday, my sister-in-law had the awesome idea to take the kiddos to the lake house for a couple days to avoid the heat wave that was headed our way as well as relax and enjoy the coast. We packed up and headed out with the kids and the boys (Ryan and Tony) were able to join us later that night. The Kogers had been at the rental house next door for several days so we got to hang out with them too! We had a great time and the kiddos all had a BLAST in the sunshine. Tanning, tubing, wakeboarding, playing on the beach, making smores by moonlight, and good friends and family. What's not to love about that?

Faith and Logan at the beach!Mya loves the sprinkler!
Just about back at the dock!Uncle Tony and Addi!Uncle Tony is so sweet! Mason and Mya got a wagon ride all around the yard!
Who: Ryan, Tara & Logan (and LOTS of others too!)
What: Melia's 4th birthday party at the new Keizer splash park
Info: High School Musical was in the air...and that air was 107 degrees in case you were curious! It was hot, hot, hot! The kids loved the water and all the birthday treats. Yeah for Miss Melia!

Logan, Melia and Ella!

and their crocs too! How fun to have good buddies!


Who: Mason and mommy!
What: A day together for Mason's check-up at OHSU and then some errand running... Costco, Target, just the basics
Info: It was so sweet to spend the day with Mason. I rarely spend time with him alone so it was a real treat. He loved it...and of course flirted with everyone we met. He is quite the charmer and it is far more noticable when Mya isn't around to steal the limelight (cute, chunky babies with giant hairbows tend to attract a fair amount of attention). It was an extra special afternoon with my littlest man!

Not much beats frozen yogurt at Costco!


Who: Tara & Logan (and many other friends)
What: Ella's 4th birthday party
Info: The cutest mermaid cake that you ever did see! Way to go Shauna! PS: My lack of luck with technology this week continued as my camera had a 'rendezvous' with the pool. Apparently digital cameras don't love water...hmmmm...who'da thunk it???


Who: Ryan and Tara (and NO KIDDOS)
What: Sugarland Concert
Info: We went up to the Edgefield (McMenamin's) to see Sugarland LIVE outside on the lawn. It was so stinkin' fun! We ended up with really good seats...thanks to my friend makin' hubby. We were sitting the perfect distance from the stage (with some shade) with people who had arrived early that day while we didn't get there until an hour after the doors opened. Whoooo! We lucked out on that one. Great concert, great music and great company!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Great Oregon Steam-Up!

Today Ryan, myself, grammy (my mom), and the kiddos went to the 39th annual Great Oregon Steam-up in good ol' Brooks. We had a really nice time riding the small scale trains, checking out antique farm equipment, looking at fire engines, exploring the truck museum, eating kettle corn, devouring shaved ice (the good kind that's like snow) and watching the tractor pull. It was really hot but the kids rallied and we had a really fun afternoon. We even made it home with everybody's hats and shoes. I honestly think that might be the first time I have made it home with all three hats. We ALWAYS lose somebody's hat or shoes--okay, primarily Mason's, but nevertheless...not this time.

Logan by the scale model truck at the truck museum....this place was like heaven for Logan...trucks, trucks and more trucks!I don't really remember what this is...but it was cool. This is where my true "non-agricultural" roots show. I seriously don't know what ANYTHING is. I just smile, nod and act like I know what people are talking about....(not always, but more times than I like to admit).

Ryan and Mason on the little locomotive. The boys loved it, but suprise Miss Mya held onto me for dear life...peeking over my shoulder a few times.
The whole family...staring right into the bright, HOT sun!
Mason and Mya minus the hats and shoes. Truth be told, Ryan got tired of picking them up off the ground so he stuck them in the bottom of the stroller and left them there. Maybe that's why we made it home with all of them....hmmmm!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A 'small pool' party

Ryan worked most of the day today so my mom and I had a little backyard pool party with the kiddos at her house. She and Logan set up the little pools and we all took in some sun! We aren't all that accustomed to these 90 degree summer days around here. Mom was even kind enough to watch the kiddos tonight so Ryan and I could grab some dinner...I can't resist Red Robin's steak fries. I think they are probably 2 points each on Weight Watchers (haha...Just kidding). Anything that tastes that good has to be sinful and hip hugging. Cheers!

Technological Blunder !??!?!!???

I have been a 'not-so-faithful' blogger this last week as my laptop is having issues. I already got a new motherboard (I say that like I know what it is, huh?) a couple months ago and now I need a new hard drive. I am not at all opposed to the inconvenience of having it serviced....but when the hard drive died...IT TOOK ALL MY STUFF WITH IT! Ryan and I have had many long conversations with the not-so-local employees of Dell. So to make a long story short...I have to do everything on our desktop computer which is located in our room. For those of you who aren't around Mason and Mya much...that means I can't use the computer unless everyone is napping or at least safely confined which is like...uh...NEVER. Mason will climb and destroy anything in his path. So I will be sort of in-and-out of blogging for a while. Blessings to you all!

PS: I was right in the middle of posting the cutest pictures of Ryan and Logan walking towards eachother in an onion field and now the picture is lost...what a bummer huh?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Basket Tags...Kind of fun!

All this recent talk of labeling caused me to remember a project that has been on my mind the last few months. There is a shelf in our bedroom lined with baskets in hopes of organizing my 'crafty' and 'officey' type stuff. When God gave us Mason and Mya, our previous office became the nursery...hence all the baskets. I have been wanting to make little tags with ribbons to label the contents of the basket while still looking chic and quaint . Finally today I got motivated and got it done. I thought it came out pretty cute....


Today we went to Quinn's 2nd birthday party. (Quinn is one of Ryan's cousins' kiddos.) Ryan and I came up with the random idea to switch Mason and Mya's clothes and see if anybody at the party would notice. Believe me....anyone who sees them very often would not be fooled...but these were mostly extended family we see every couple of months. So we put Mason in a hair bow and flowered shorts and put Mya in one of Mason's outifts. What was really funny was that nobody noticed. They just commented on how darling Mya was (LOL), and how cute Mason was. Truth be told...Mason doesn't make a super cute girl, but I actually loved seeing Mya dressed like a little boy because she looked just like Logan did at that age. So finally we shared our secret, which got a pretty good laugh out of everybody, and switched them back to the right clothes.

The party was DARLING! Krissy did a stellar job if I do say so myself. The food was great and the kiddos loved the pinata. They also loved playing on Quinn's new trampoline. You know me...I love to celebrate!
Daddy and Mason (dressed like Mya)!
Me and Mya (dressed like Mason)!Logan and Jack eating cake and ice-cream! Mason and Mya enjoying the trampoline dressed in the RIGHT clothes!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Berries....Lots of Berries

I love all the berries that summer brings. They are so good on ice cream, in cobblers and I love to freeze them. Well, actually I love having frozen berries but I hate washing them and freezing them. It's such a hassle. I do however LOVE the labeler I got last month. It makes mundane household tasks seem freezing berries. I have been labeling pretty much anything and everything! Praise the Lord for the small things in life.

Little Breaks...Newport!

Hallelujah for little breaks from our kiddos. If you hadn't noticed in my last post....I HAVE BEEN SO STINKIN' FRAZZLED! Thankfully, this was my weekend away with the MOPS steering team to plan out what we are going to do next year. We left for Newport Beach on Friday morning and came home tonight. It was a busy weekend, but at least I was with adults who don't wear diapers or throw tantrums. WOOHOO! I had planned on staying an extra night to scrapbook, read and do whatever else I wanted with a couple of other gals. Believe it or not I came home a night early, skipping out on my freebie fun night, because I was missing my hubby and kiddos. Now that I'm home, I feel refreshed and renewed...ready to tackle the week ahead!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

One Weary Mama....

I come before you today as ONE WEARY MAMA! I honestly feel like I'm at the end of my mommy rope. My kids are driving me bananas and I truly don't appreciate much about them today. I am tired...tired of attitudes, tired of complaints and tired of poop. I don't want to make grilled cheese or cut the crust off of anybody's sandwich. I don't feel much like doing laundry or searching for blankies. I don't feel that bad when a finger is squished in a drawer and I can't figure out how to kid-proof anything else in our house. Today I am weary...truly weary. I would quit my job and walk out if the Lord had given me that option. I feel so drained and defeated. I love it when I feel inspired and filled with joy, but today isn't one of those days. I write all of this not as a downer but as the truth. I know we all face tough days when mamahood is harder than we wish...and I don't want to hide those days. They are as real as the amazing days when I feel as though I conquered the world with three darling kiddos in perfectly matched outfits. Part of the parenting journey is admitting that some days are tougher than others! Praise the Lord that we aren't alone. Blessings!

"Remember the words to Your servant, In which You have made me hope. This is my comfort in my affliction, That Your word has revived me." Psalm 119:49-50

"A man of too many friends comes to ruin, But there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother." Proverbs 18:24

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What's wrong with this picture???

Yesterday as I was getting the bath water ready for Mason and Mya slash gathering up all their bath time gear (lotions, soaps, etc.) Mason decided to get in the bath without me....dirty clothes and dirty diaper in all. I threw Mya in with him and snapped some pics before taking him out. What a funny little guy!

Extra! Extra!

Extra, Extra read all about it! A two headed martian was spotted at IKEA today! Just kidding but you would have thought that had been the case. My friend Janna (who also has twins) and I took ALL five of our kiddos to IKEA. Her and her twins plus me and my brut was apparently quite a site. People were pointing and staring even more than normal (people always have an odd fascination with twins for some reason). It was quite hilarious. In defense of the onlookers, we were pushing a giant cart carrying a crib in addition to our double wide strollers loaded with twins. All I can say is that it's a great thing that IKEA has those gigantic elevators and big family size restrooms! We had a who can pass up Swedish meatballs, right? PS: This blogger (me) was even willing to ask a stranger to take our group picture at IKEA. He wondered where we were visiting from..LOL. Apparently I have no shame when it comes to asking strangers to take odd pictures. The guy was probably thinking, "You're shopping lady, you've got to be kidding me." Oh well!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

River Road Park

Today we met my friend Stephanie and her girls at the new park in Keizer (River Road Park). It is really nice. A nice play area, paved walk-ways, and a cool water area (sprinklers and fun little water features that are nice for all ages). Pools are fun but with little kiddos the sprinklers are so much less stress as you don't have to deal with life jackets and water wings. Praise the Lord for that! We packed a lunch and the kiddos played in the water and enjoyed the sunshine. We even went on a good walk. When we finally got back to our car I realized Mason had lost his shoe somewhere so we retraced our steps until we found his shoe. Needless to say we got plenty of exercise this afternoon.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Jammies....So cute!

Are everybody's kiddos this cute in jammies? I always crack up at my little babies running around the house in their P.J.'s. Let's be honest...many days we are all in jammies for most of the day! Oh well, soon enough they will all start school and we will be up and at em' bright and early. Logan was in his underoos so I opted not to post that picture....but Mason and Mya were fully clothed so I had to share the cuteness! Blessings!
Such attitude and personality!
I take full responsibility for passing on my stalky little legs to Mya...Someday I will apologize to her myself....just kidding (sort of)!

Children at Work!

Sometimes when I sit back and watch our kiddos play...I am amazed by their hard work. Playing is the work of our young kiddos. They are learning with every block they stack and every shape they match. Every doll they cover with a blanket and lego man they build forms a little synapsis in their brains that God will use in the future as He continues to develop their little minds. I love watching them explore the world around them. That being we went to Northwest Kids Club and the kids ate lunch and just played. I enjoy them being able to freely explore in an environment where I don't have to nag them about what they can and cannot touch. It is a free-for-all there (for the most part). I see them getting more and more brave and adventursome (especially Mya)! I also love that I can get a coffee there. Praise the Lord for the small things that bring a mama joy throughout the day.....!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Home is...

For those of you who have spent much time in our home know that we have TONS of family pictures all over the house. Pictures of our wedding, our kiddos when they were babies, our kiddos now, our friends, our nieces and nephews, engagement pictures, and pretty much anything else you can think of...! It warms my heart for our children to see pictures of themselves on the wall with eachother and also pictures of their extended family as well as our life prior to them being born. They are part of something bigger than themselves. They won't ever have to wonder about their heritage or the HUGE group of people who adore them and will be cheering for them on the sidelines of life whether they are a NFL Football player or a really great flute player. They are loved simply because of the people they are and who God made them to be. I was hanging the new framed pictures of Mason, Mya, Logan, Addi and Lilly (our nieces) and I could hardly bring myself to leave the room. My heart was warmed to see those pictures on the wall, in a place of importance, knowing that our kiddos are blessed with family. I thank the Lord that they are loved....not just by us but by so many others. I pray that we are able to articulate to our kiddos the sense of home and family that we feel. I love to snuggle up in a cozy blanket and take a deep breath in. Our home is so peaceful and traquil; It has such a sense of home and love. It's nothing fancy...but it's home (at least to us)!

Home is...
1. where your favorite ice cream treats are always in the freezer.
2. where you have soft jammies that fit you just right.
3. the place that smells like cookies and candles.
4. where you don't have to hide your 'flaws'.
5. where people KNOW your weaknesses and love you anyways.
6. where you know where everything is.
7. the place that your favorite, softest blanket resides.
8. the place that has pictures of you on the walls WITH the people you love.
9. where there is always a place for you.
10. the place where your name is on the mailbox.
11. where you aren't ever in the way.
12. your name is on the answering machine message.
13. where you want to be when you are sick!
14. where you belong.
15. where mom knows how you eat your eggs.

Thank you Lord for our home!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pictures, like memories, are forever!

The Cousins 4th of July Pictures!Our kiddos!

Our precious nieces!