Saturday, April 2, 2011

Let me explain...

So those of you who saw my JOKING  rants on facebook last night know that Ryan and I took the kiddos to the circus last night along with Auntie Rachel, Uncle Tony, Addi and Lilly.  In some regards it was really fun.  The anticipation was probably the trump card in the whole situation.  The kids all took naps in anticipation of this fabulous upcoming event they knew little about.  For all they knew it would be Disneyland.  I sort of pictured a big red and white striped circus tent with huge elephants, tight rope walkers and probably even a lion tamer or two encompassed by the smell of hot popcorn.  I got BMX trick riders (like the kind you see at the fair), lots of cute little dogs who could do tricks, dirt bikes riding in a cage, and some not-so-funny clowns.  We went to the 7:30 pm (supposed to be over at 9:30) showing because the Ryan couldn't get home in time for the 4:30 show, so we had the kids take LONG afternoon naps in anticipation. The circus got started a little late and the 15 minute intermission turned into a 35 minute intermission so they could make lots of extra money selling pictures with a boa constrictor, pony rides, elephant rides and face painting.  Those of you who know me know that I am NOT a stickler on time, but it was getting rather late.  Our kiddos were ready to go so we finally ducked out at about 10:00 and it wasn't even over. The very best part of the whole night was the light-up swords we got for the kids.  They LOVED them.  Logan, Mason and Mya waved their swords proudly at the circus, shined them brightly on the car ride home and even slept with them last night (a little gross, I know).  It was a fun evening out but Logan suggested that if the circus comes to town again next year we should stay home and watch a movie to which I replied, "DONE".

PS: At least it was for a good cause, right?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


We were loving the nice weather and enjoying the great outdoors...trucks anyone?

The tee-pee at Bauman Farms.  All of us plus cousin Ella (2nd cousin counts, right?)

Who'd have known that playing in a tube could be SO much fun!

Big overgrown trikes, but we love 'em.

Who'd have known that pushing the tube would be just as much fun?  Mason and Ethan could have done that all day, seriously!

Ryan got a remote controlled helicopter for his birthday and let me tell you, IT IS A HUGE HIT.  Ryan and the kids play with it EVERY single night.  What a great gift Nana and Papa!

Is that cute or what? I think Mason likes it!

Friday, March 11, 2011


This year for lent I wanted to give up something meaningful that could be a constant reminder of the Easter season and all that it entails (that is the general idea, right?).  In order for this whole 'lent thing' to work, I would have to give up something I love and do often.  Hmmm...I thought about giving up exercise, but then I remembered I don't do that anyways.  Then I thought about giving up coffee, but in all honesty I could do that pretty easily.  Then I thought about giving up vegetables.  Now that would be really noble, right? Ahhh, bummer...not really.  So this lead me to the insane notion to give up diet soda (all soda really but I only drink diet coke).  You are probably thinking, "What!?!?! That is crazy????".  I know, I know...this is HUGE!   For those of you who spend any time with me at all know that I am a diet coke junkie.  I pretend that I'm not but I totally am.  About 6 hours in I knew this was going to be SO TOUGH on me.   So far I find myself drinking a lot of water and doing a lot of dreaming about soda.  It sort of reminds me of being pregnant the first time when I followed all the rules of pregnancy explicitly.  So, that is where I'm at.  Craving soda but thankful for the CONSTANT reminder of Easter and what Jesus did on the cross. 


Logan's 5th birthday was yesterday! Happy Birthday Logan James Bennett...March 10th 2006 feels like it was just yesterday in a lot of ways. I threw in this hospital picture for nostalgic effect.  Did it work?

Brings back the memories!  Our first photo op as a family of three!

Thomas the train party!

Usually I 'decorate' the food/buffet table, but since the kids are getting old enough to actually sit and eat I figured I would make their table the 'fun part'.  A motorized Thomas went around and around the track all through dinner.   

I made each of the kiddos special cups with their names on them. 
Our cupcake picks didn't show up until Monday (and the party was on Suday) so last minute I had to make homemade cupcake picks.  Thank the Lord for the scrapbooking program that I use for everything.
Why I threw in a pic of the party favors...who knows?

A group shot of Logan opening presents!In pictures like this one I always look like I am telling people what to do or yelling at somebody (haha), but I just talk with my hands, I sware.  I can't help it  Noboby is in trouble here... At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Jessica and I always have to get one of our famous 'sister pictures'
Logan is blowing out 5 birthday candles on the yummiest ice cream cake ever.  Nana (Ryan's mom) makes this ice cream cake that is fabulous...they call it the bomb.  She presses soft cooked brownies into a bowl, freezes it, adds ice cream, freezes it again, flips it out of the bowl, and drizzles chocolate syrup on it.  Mmmmm......!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Where on Earth?

Where have I been?  Life has just flown by.  Gone are the leisurely days of not having any set time to do, well anything.  With school (both Logan's and mine) it seems like most of our 'free moments' are gone.  That coupled with all the random projects and parties I manage to tackle there doesn't seem to be much time for blogging.  I am going to try to change that!  With a little more discipline on my part and acceptance of
less-than-perfection, I should be able to make this happen! Life is good, God is so faithful, and the kids are growing so incredibly fast. I don't want to miss any of it and I don't want you to either.  If you could see me right now you would know that I am raising my coffee mug and offering a toast: "Here's to rejoining the adventures in Blogland!" CHEERS!


Since our big 'snow storm' ended up leaving us with nothing more than a generous dusting, Ryan and I took the kiddos up to Silver Creek Falls to enjoy a little more snow.  It was so beautiful, breathtaking!   Yes, the kiddos are wearing JEANS.  Crazy, I know.  I hadn't bought them any snow clothes this year because, quite frankly, I didn't think they would use them.  So when a big 'snow storm' hits, do you think they have any snow pants left at Target? Um, no! All that to say the kids wore jeans and warm coats.  Oh well, they survived and had a blast. Thank you Lord for the snow!

Saturday, October 2, 2010