Friday, February 19, 2010

Our little angels...

This was Mason and Mya's first Valentine's Day...My how things have changed!

Just her Style!

Miss Mya is such a crack-up. Each of the kiddos got to pick out a pair of sunglasses the other day at Gymboree (they were on special for $5 that day...that's cheaper than Target...score!). Mya got these big' ol' white ones...but they are TOTALLY her style. Who says you can't have style at 2? She modeled them for us many times this afternoon. What is even funnier is that I wear big ol' white sunglasses too. I love all the girly stuff that comes with having a daughter!

Valentine's Day Festivities!

Heart shaped french toast for breakfast... Cookie decorating with friends...
Amazing Valentine cookies by Logan, Ella and Melia
Cupcake Making...
Gotta lick the beaters...

And eat the cupcakes...or at least the frosting! The finished product ready for delivery to Great Grandma, Grammy, Nana and Papa, and Addi and Lilly!
Valentine Crafts...also for deliveryLilly's Valentine... Nana and Papa's Valentine
The kiddos' Valentine flashlights
And mommy's flowers
Heart shaped pizza for dinner...

What a Valentine's Day! Logan is already planning for and talking about Easter! We love holidays around this joint.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Food for thought...

The other night while out shopping with some gal pals, one of them shared a quote she had recently heard. Throughout the night I tossed and turned pondering it. It's especially pertinent to me as I am such a planner and organizer. So concrete in my thinking, weighing out all the pros and cons. Very seldomly trusting, leaping and simply obeying. Here's the quote:

"Obedience (to Christ) always trumps the worst-case scenario."

To me this said that simple obedience to Christ should always win out over my personal fears and/or perfectionistic tendencies that want to organize and control everything. Just obey...the details will be worked out...

Just food for thought this Saturday morning! Blessings!

Friday, February 12, 2010

My Valentine!

In honor of Valentine's Day coming up I thought I would put up a few wedding photos. I scanned in a few that I could find without taking our wedding album apart. Our photos weren't digital...crazy huh? On June 19, 2004 I married my best friend. The years have been FULL of joy! It's hard to believe how life changes and how the Lord gives and restores. I couldn't imagine my life any differently. Thank you Lord for the wonderful blessing of a life partner and best friend.

Fun Times!

A couple weeks back the kiddos and I tagged along with Ryan while he checked out the Ag. Show. The kiddos checked out all the equipment, had a picnic lunch and took really good naps on the way home!

Logan the helicopter pilot!
Logan loved the trains--
Mason made himself right at home on most of the equipment--he is our fearless one!
The kids and I took Ryan lunch the other day and of course the kids begged to ride with daddy on the blueberry sprayer! I think they just wanted to pop wheelies...

Ryan was gone last weekend with a bunch of friends to "manfest" (they really call it that). They snowmobile, snowboard, play DJ Hero and take a break from family life. They also all grew beards for this masculine event. I will try to post some pictures later! All that to say the kiddos and I had the whole weekend to try to find fun things to do together.
Aunt Rachel and I took the kiddos to the Woodburn Outlets to play on the treehouse...
One of the best parts of the weekend was that Denee' came down to hang out with us! Her hubby went to Manfest 2010 too.

Monday, February 8, 2010

A kid in a candy store...

These days I feel a little bit like a kiddo in a candy store.  Not that I want everything I see, and not even that I see so many things I want.  More like I have my hands in more jars than I can possibly even take from at once.  My mind makes such lofty plans and has grand ideas. Despite the best of intentions I seem to fall short.  Right now I am in the middle of what feels like a million and one very worthy projects.  I want to make sure that Logan's party is planned and shopped for before we leave for vacation later this month.  I need to get treats ready for the kiddos for while we are away. More specifically I would like to leave them each a Build-a-bear with a voice recorder in it so they have a message from us while we are away.  I am SUPPOSED to be planning my high-school reunion which hasn't happened as of yet (SORRY) I am helping a dear friend with a project/fundraiser (WHICH I AM THRILLED TO DO),and  have projects to get ready for MOPS this month (I'm on the steering team for a mom's group), as well as a BBQ to plan with my mom.  All the while I have kiddos, diapers, bills, laundry, cleaning, etc. (just like all of you).  Some days I just don't even know where to start.  Today for example I am in my jammies and haven't even brushed my teeth and it's 4 o'clock IN THE AFTERNOON!  In my past life I would have already been home from a full day of work and would be beginning dinner already!  All that to say, some days I feel like an overwhelmed mama that gets nothing done.  I need to seek the Lord for discernment about which projects are worthwhile, and from HIM and which projects are simply manifestations of my undiagnosed OCD (haha) that ought to be abandoned for more important endeavors.  Fortunately God is the giver of wisdom...of that I can be assured.  Blessings to you all and a big congrats if you made it out of your PJ's today!

Another birthday just around the corner!