Friday, October 31, 2008


This year was Logan's first run at trick-or-treating or 'tick-or-teeting' as he would say! He was so stinkin' cute. He is so friendly...whenever a person would open the door and give him his candy he would ask about their pet (it seemed like there was always a cat or dog he could see) and then wanted to go inside. He would linger at the door, tell the person 'sank-ou' (thank-you) and then say, "Happy Halloween!" We had to keep reminding him that we had to go to another house. All in all he made out pretty well. Starting early this morning he wanted his unkin (pumpkin)...that's where all the candy is stashed. We will be spreading the candy out over the next month or so....depending on how much mom and dad eat!

Now Presenting...

Mya the princess, Mason the ninja warrior, and Logan the race car driver!

Mason the ninja warrior -- you can't help but laugh because this costume totally fits Mason's personality!

The princess was not in the mood to cooperate-- but afterall she is the princess!

We took the kiddos downtown Silverton to trick-or-treat around town so Mason and Mya could show off their costumes while Logan figured out what the 'trick-or-treating' thing was all about. After it got dark, we took Mason and Mya by grammy's house to pass out candy to trick-or-treater's, so we could take Logan out to get some candy of his own.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The love of his life--

We found an hour or so this evening (after baths and jammies) to sneak outside so Logan could ride his tractor...he loves this thing. Mason, Mya and I just cheered him on and gave a tow or push every now and then (he occasionally gets stuck in the shrubs). He will be pretty stinkin' excited when Mason and Mya are old enough to ride along. You've got to laugh at Logan's 'farmer boots' outside his pj pants...Classic Logan!

Oregon Zoo or Bust!

Mezmorized by the fishies!

On the zoo train! ALL ABOARD!
Nana packed Mason for a bit!
Just relaxing!
There's a bear behind us--he just didn't seem to make it in the shot!
I can sniff out a tractor anywhere!
A quick short-cut....but a little small for one of us

Yesterday I sort of got a bee in my bonnett. I really wanted to get the kids out to enjoy what's left of the nice weather, so we packed up and headed to the Oregon Zoo (with Nana in tow--). It takes almost an hour to get there, and we didn't really get out of the house until close to noon, but it was worth it. It was warm and the sun was shining (I use the word warm loosely and in the Oregon sense). When we got to the zoo, we hustled right into the gift shop to get Logan some socks--somehow he was barefoot when we showed up at the zoo and his socks were MIA. From there we did a little exploring, grabbed some lunch and went to check out the new baby elephant...cute, but still huge! It was great to check out the animals and ride the zoo train. Mason and Mya seemed to really enjoy the zoo too. They hardly made a peep as they took in all the sights, sounds and smells (I wish it were only the smell of popcorn) the zoo has to offer. All in all it was a great day, and I was so glad we went-- and yes, Logan found a tractor to drive even at the zoo!

On the Farm!

Logan got to go work with daddy earlier this week and boy does it make his day! There is nothing he would rather be doing. In his words, he wants to: "drive da yster (hyster)", or "go in daddy's mac cuck (truck)". He absolutely has to wear 'farmer boots' and wear pants "just like his daddy's". It's amazing to me how he is already little boy through and through. He wants to be just like his daddy. Fortunately Ryan is a pretty great guy and I think we would all be happy if Logan turned out just like him.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A word from Mason and Mya

Mom and dad finally started giving us baths in the big tub so we can actually splash and play....we spent way too long using the cramped little baby tubs.
--Mason and Mya

I shouldn't have even mentioned it!

Yesterday I did one of those dumb mommy things. I casually mentioned to Logan that I was planning to take him to the grocery store when he woke up from his nap (since Holly was here to put Mason and Mya to bed). I also mentioned that since it was such a nice day we could probably swing by the park when we were done. He thought that sounded fun and off he trotted to bed milk in hand.
About 6:00 pm, after setting the record for the longest nap ever, Logan staggered down the hall rubbing his eyes but clearly saying, "I ready for the gark mom!" It was nearly dark, and the park is 15 minutes away, but he was undetered. To make a long story short Logan and I went to the park to play in the dark. This was a good reminder for me not to say ANYTHING until I know SOMETHING for sure....which is only when we are all loaded in the van ready to drive away!

Feeling better, for good!

Mason and Mya are finally joining Logan in the "on the mend" group. I know that I have previously reported that, but I think it's really true this time. They both seem to be going back and forth in the healing process, but this is the real deal. The last order of business is taking Mason to the doctor's office today to make sure he doesn't have an ear infection. Woohoo...we are on the home stretch. These pictures show them eating and not crying...some of our favorite acitivites around here!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Oregon Garden Fall Festival

Today was the big Fall festival at the Oregon Garden. It was a beautiful day and we had a great time except for the fact that Mason and Mya were still sick thus unable to go with us. Nana (Ryan's mom) was kind enough to stay home with them for a couple of hours so Ryan and I could still take Logan. Logan ran around like crazy in his costume, had a balloon hat made, ate kettle corn, decorated a treat bag, launched pumpkins, went on a hay ride, and navigated through a corn maze. Logan had a great time and the scenery was gorgeous to boot! Of all the beautiful fall sights and activites Logan's favorite part of the festival seemed to be driving the cheap toy cars he got as prizes around in the dirt. Finally Ryan and I had to sort of hide the cars so he would enjoy some of the other happenings. What a gorgeous fall day...
I couldn't stop my mind from drifting back to last year at this same Fall Festival. Ryan and I took little Logan who was only 19 months old and he wore the cutest little monkey costume. While Ryan and Logan took in the sights, I waddled around looking for any pumpkin to rest my weary bumpkin on. I was 6 months pregnant with Mason and Mya and was already uncomfortable. I recall telling countless people that I was not about ready to pop but rather I was 6 months pregnant with twins. They would look at little Logan and say something to the effect of, " Oh my, I'm sure glad it's you and not me" , or "Next year at this time you will be a very busy lady." My mind wondered in anticipation and nervousness of Mason and Mya's arrival. Where does the time go from year to year? What a blessing to watch my babies grow.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Harvest Dinner!

Tonight Logan and I, the only healthy ones in the bunch, went to the Harvest dinner at J.C.'s Pizzeria. Every year when Harvest is completely finished we do a celebratory dinner as way to thank all the people that worked that season. So Logan and I went, at lots of pizza, played video games, hung out and then returned home to our sick family. Check out the size of this pizza!

Costume Calamity!

Last night at this time I was feeling pretty stinkin' good about myself. Logan had decided that he wanted to be a race car driver for Halloween (a little last minute but hey he's only 2), so making a run for the title "super mom" I got to work. I had until Saturday morning, for the Harvest festival at the Oregon Garden, to get his costume all together. Getting the driving suit was relatively simple: I had my mom (grammy) pick one up at the Disney store in Clackamas, however they didn't have the talking helmet (which was an absolute necessity for Halloween, but not necessarily for the Harvest festival). So last night, as I held a puking baby, I was able to rush order a talking Lighting McQueen helmet for Logan. DONE! All in a days work.

First thing this morning grammy brought Logan's costume over and what to my wondering eyes did appear? A SECURITY TAG! I proceeded to read all shoplifting websites to get the dumb thing off . Afterall Clackamas is a 45 minute drive each way, and the babies and daddy were home sick. I had no desire to make the long trip with sick kiddos. All morning we pulled, poked, stabbed, ripped and...nothing! That dumb thing was on there for good. So I ended up making the trip back up to the Disney store to get a replacement costume, since by this time the costume was pretty much shot. All that being said...Logan has his costume. Next year, he will have a Sept. 30th deadline for costume choice...this mom learned her lesson.

Health Update...

So Logan has recovered....he is again climbing the walls (or the bathroom counter in this case). Mason and Mya are still pretty sick with the stomach flu. I am just trying to keep them hydrated, since Mason ended up at the hospital with an IV last time this happened. For some reason, Mason and Mya have a really hard time getting over illnesses. Fortunately, I have managed to stay relatively healthy, however Ryan has not had the same good fortune. Last night and today seem to have been the worst of it for him, but I think he is on the mend. I am crossing my fingers that I continue to stay healthy (it is probably all the exercising I do and all the healthy food I eat...okay that is a fib, but it sounds good). I think God must be showing me His grace.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


So I can officially say that all three of our kiddos have the stomach flu or something just like it. We have experienced, and thus cleaned up, the whole spectrum of undesirable bodily fluids. It is definately no fun for anyone involved (kids or adults). Poor Ryan was already out hosing off 'yucky' sheets and jammies in the front yard before he left for work this morning. What a sweet daddy!
Before Ryan left for work this morning he was sweet to point out the little flock of birds on the other side of the yard who were enjoying Logan's dinner from the night before. The clothes Logan had worn at dinner had also received the 'hose treatment' last night ...apparently birds go for that sort of thing! Yuck!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Girl's Day Out!

Okay, so truth be told the day wasn't quite as glamorous as the title implies, but hey getting out is getting out! Today Mya and I made the big trek to Portland, more specifically Legacy Emanuel Hospital where Mya does her physical therapy (and now speech therapy) every Monday. Our day begins about 6:00 am when we get up to make sure we are out the door by 7:30 am to be all checked in and ready to begin by 9:00! Today speech wasn't until 2:00 pm which left us a little time to go explore the city. I left the choice of where to go next completely up to the navigation system in the van. Low and behold it sent us to Lloyd Center Mall (of course Mya was in need of a couple new outfits, as always). Next we went and picked up Denee' (my dearest, bestest high school buddy) from Shriner's Hospital where she works as an orderly (just kidding Denee'...she is actually an occupational therapist)and headed to eat lunch. Portland is full of quaint, local restaurants, however we preferred the ambiance of the van where we ate fast food in our laps (of course Mya had fallen asleep right before arrival and desperately needed a nap before her next appt.)...don't ya know it that as soon as Denee' got back with our food, Mya woke up. In case your tracking my girl's day out consisted of sitting on a hospital floor watching Mya excercise, a short mall excursion, and eating a salad in the front seat of my mini-van! Oh well, it's the company that counts and Mya and Denee' are about as amazing as they come!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Some missed pics!

This last week was a bit crazy so I didn't have the chance to put these new pictures up. Jessica was over on Wednesday (yes, again!) and she got a few awesome shots of Mya (Mason was a little less cooperative, but hilarious nonetheless)...they are too cute to note post. I think these might be little miss Mya's cutest photos yet. What would I do without Jess?

Pumpkin Patch Time!

Today was a beautiful fall day and it turned out to be rather warm to boot! Ryan and I took all the kiddos, with the help of Grammy, to the pumpkin patch just down the road a few miles. We met up with Duane, Shauna, Ella and little Ethan (just 5 weeks old)! We went to Bauman Farms and did all the things your $10 hand stamp entitles you to: hay mazes, slides, trampoline jumping, horse rides, and of course the great pumpkin search. The great thing about being 2 is that it doesn't matter to you if the pumpking you find is flat on one side, round, rotten or full of bugs! It makes the search that much eaiser (and that much more interesting for the grown-ups in the group).

Logan and Ella are an absolute hoot! I love that the simple things bring them so much joy. One of the best parts of the day was watching the kiddos play in, push, chase, and be pushed in the wheel barrow that we took to the field in hopes that it would hold the pumpkins we were going to find...we never did get any (lines were too long to pay). Oh well!

Ryan and Duane stuck with the big kids while Shauna, grammy and I packed the babies around...they also seemed to thoroughly enjoy the fall sights and smells (cider and kettle corn...mmmm) in between their naps of course! It was an exciting day for all of us...needless to say, all the kiddos were ready for bed pretty early tonight!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Mya begins physical therapy

Today Mya began her physical therapy at Legacy Emanuel (at 9 am in Portland....oh my word, early). Her therapist Jocelyn is a gem...we are really grateful for the insight she has offered us about Mya's development. She is looking for Mya's muscle tone to improve as well as her strength and coordination. Mya has made significant improvement from two weeks ago at her evaluation...we pray that God will continue to bless her and give her a clean bill of health. She will see a speech therapist next Monday (as well as more PT with Jocelyn) and will see another pediatric development specialist in December. I will try to remember my camera next week for Mya's PT...she is pretty stinkin' cute! I know the Lord cares more for Mya even more than we do. He has her best interest at heart and holds her future in His hands. Praise the Lord for that...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Logan the farmer

Logan went to work with Ryan today. He rode in the onion truck, drove forklift, and rode with papa in the harvester. Logan basically loves to do anything outside, and he especially loves spending time at the shop with his daddy and papa. Logan got to wear his work coat today (for the first time) that Nana and Papa got him before he was even born. He couldn't wait to wear it because it is just like his dad's coat...that was all he could talk about this morning. Since Logan was gone all day, I got to spend a quiet day at home with Mason and Mya. They are getting so big and are learning so much. Mason is almost crawling, but he still manages to get around with the army crawl. Mya is a little more stationary, but nonetheless she can get around slowly but surely with the basic roll. Mason is on the verge of getting tooth 4 and 5 and Mya is just about to welcome teeth 3 and 4. I can't believe how fast they are growing. I feel like just yesterday they were brand-new babies. Sometimes I still can't wrap my head around the fact that all these kiddos have been entrusted to our care. What a blessing!