Sunday, May 31, 2009

Erath and Dundee

Yesterday we went with the Kroegers and the Schachers to the Dundee Bistro (the place I went with some girlfriends for Mother's Day) and up in the hills for some wine tasting at Erath Winery. It was sort of a dual purpose gathering. #1. It had been way too long since hanging out last. #2. Denee' is leaving for Uganda on Friday (for two weeks) so we needed to get together before she leaves. We had such a wonderful (not to mention childless) afternoon enjoying the company of friends and SUNSHINE. What a blessing to sneak away for a break to enjoy some adult company with some of the best pals ever!
Denee' and I were noticing that we have been best friends for half of our lives...Kind of crazy and amazingly fun to think of all the things we have been through together.

A little Dirty!

Yesterday we took the kiddos over to Tony and Rachel's house to play with Addi and Lilly and help them plant a garden. The kids were SO hilarious. They were covered in dirt....and I do mean covered. Logan, Addi and Mason were right in the middle of all the garden planting action. They had tools in hand and wanted to dig, hoe, water and work on anything and everything. Mya on the other hand was perfectly content to watch from the sideline and stay relatively clean. The whole garden got planted (with some help from Tony and Ryan) including carrots, onions, bell peppers and various other things. Naturally the kiddos found time play, play, and play more. They had a great time. Afterwards we roasted hot dogs and made s'mores. We all had a great time and the kids can't wait to watch the veggies grow this summer.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bright Lights-Big Color!

Today Mya got her toe-nails painted for the very first time. She is featuring an OPI spring color titled Bright Lights-Big Color with an added white flower and rhinestone for effect. Haha....Just kidding. I painted her toe nails really quickly and threw a sticker on them before she crawled away....but it is SO CUTE! I was just going to paint one nail to see what she thought but she was mezmorized with it, so I just kept going with no compaints from her. She is so dainty and girly. Even at our outing yesterday while most everyone else tromped around in the water, Mya sat contentedly on the blanket in her sunhat snacking on teddy grahams (like mother like daughter). She is such a doll! I can tell already she will be a spectacular pedicure buddy someday!

Humbling Mommy Moment

We all have the days of running errands with kiddos that result in tired kids and a tired, stressed-out mama. Well this last Thursday was one of those days for me. I packed Logan, Mason and Mya to the Salem Center mall to get fitted for new shoes, do several returns and pick up some various gifts and such. By the end of our time at the mall we were all dragging and ready for a (very necessary) break and or nap. I knew it was pushing the envelope, however I was determined to stop at TJ Maxx to do my last return. Dragging a bit, I loaded the kids into a cart and headed inside to do the return. Of course the line was long, so we waited....and waited. Mason was strapped into the child seat, Mya was riding in the back part (where you put all your stuff....) and Logan was walking beside me. It was a little bit of a stretch, but returns are quick right? The kids were whining and people were staring at us like we were a cirucus act. I understand that three kids under three and a stressed out mom are are a humorous sight, but the constant questions get old. How old are they? My you must be busy. Do twins run in your family? Are they walking? Are they identical? (don't even get me started). And the questions go on and on. Honestly everywhere we go people stare, whisper and ask questions. It is kind of like when you are 9 months pregnant and everyone is watching you and talking to you about when your due, their personal labor stories and babies....blah, blah, blah. All this to say that I was feeling sensitive about the unwanted attention and was tired and cranky beyond belief. All of a sudden I felt THE WHOLE ENTIRE CART FLIP OVER. Logan (who's almost 50 lbs.) had gone from having his hand on the cart to hanging off the side of the cart. So the babies are screaming, people are gasping and running (no exaggeration here). It was quite the sight. After the cart was back on all fours and the babies calmed down (no one was hurt...just a bruise or two) we proceeded to wait in line but not without unsolicited comments from bystanders. An old lady kept telling me that Mason needed to go to the doctor because he hit his head (and she saw it she kept saying). I tried being nice and finally I said, "This is should see what happens at home! He's fine." He wasn't even crying....Finally it was our turn, we did our return, and we walked out. After I started the car I just wanted to cry! So tired, frustrated, thirsty, and just plain wore out. We all have these humbling mommy moments, right? Hopefully they are few and far between, but nevertheless they are so difficult in the moment!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Silver Creek Falls

Today my sister-in-law, Rachel and I took the kiddos for an afternoon at Silver Creek Falls. The weather was gorgeous so we 'set-up-camp' right by the river and let the kids play in the water. They snacked and played with beach toys. I love this beautiful weather and all the outdoor activites that come along with it. Thank you Lord for sunshine and family.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Faith's Bowling Party!

Logan's friend Faith (Jessica's youngest) turned 6 and Logan and I got to help celebrate! We had such a good and bowling. It was Logan's first experience bowling. There are so many more fun pictures (on facebook, I think)....that Jess took on her camera. Logan loved bowling and it was so stinkin' cute. It took FOREVER because bowling with kiddos is a SLOW, SLOW game. It honestly probably took a full minute for Logan's ball to make it down the lane and reach the pins. He would set the ball down and give it a really gentle shove. The kids had a blast and Faith got to to be the bowling birthday princess. Happy birthday to Miss Faith!
PS: I found these shoes at the bowling alley (along with a pink bowling ball) and it honestly made me want to take up bowling. HIGH HEEL BOWLING SHOES! How darling is that? I do love the heels, but I will be honest....I took bowling in college and I was less than great! Logan clearly gets his beginner skills from me!

Memorial Day Weekend!

This weekend we headed to the Lincoln City with the Schacher's for a short weekend getaway (at the lake house). We didn't leave until after the dedication on Sunday....and Tony, Rachel and the girls came over on Monday as well. All the basics (outlets, McMenamin's, beach, etc.) took place but here are the highlights.

PS: This was Mason and Mya's first trip to the beach...very, very funny!
  • Ryan had to model an old 'leisure suit' and funny hat he found in a closet.
  • The lake house got new siding and windows....! (It was a while ago...we just don't make it over very often)

  • Logan and Mason loved the beach!

  • Mya didn't like the sand, wind, or cold. She cried and wanted to be cuddled the whole time. It was really funny....and I always love any excuse to cuddle!

Addi and Lilly's dedication!

You can't see much here...but you get the idea!

This Sunday our nieces, Addi and Lilly, were dedicated. It was so sweet....they looked absolutely beautiful in their little white dresses. After service, we had pizza together and celebrated Miss Addi and Miss Lilly. I love celebrating...but especially our precious nieces. I didn't get hardly any decent pictures. I had my camera on a weird setting (unknowingly) so everything came out blurry....otherwise I would have better pictures for you! Blessings to Addi and Lilly.

"For you formed my inward parts; You covered me in my mother's womb. I will praise You for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvellous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well. My frame was not hidden from You, When I was made in secret, And skillfully wrought in the lowest parts of the earth. Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed. And in Your book they all were written. The days fashioned for me, When as yet there were none of them."
Psalm 139: 13-16

Rachel with Lilly!

Grandma Ditchen and Mya at lunch after the dedications.

Daddy with Mason and Mya

us and Tony and Rachel after pizza! The kids weren't feeling cooperative...go figure!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Organizing, Garage Sales, and a lemonade stand

On Friday the kids and I went over to my mom's house to help her organize her garage and prepare for a garage sale on Saturday. We had TONS and TONS of stuff to sort through because she is combining her house in Tacoma with her house in Silverton. She is now working in/commuting to Vancouver daily instead of commuting to Tacoma weekly. She is almost completely out of her house in Tacoma. So all that to say...THERE IS TONS OF STUFF. Two of EVERYTHING. We went through bin after bin and got organized and labeled. The kids found all sorts of cool things in the garage to keep them busy for the day while we worked.
The actual garage sale on Saturday was sort of a hoot. It was a beautiful day for the kids to play in the yard and enjoy the sun. Logan and I went on a walk to get lunch and Logan had his first lemonade stand! Ryan was an absolute trooper...he even held Logan's sign for passing traffic. Each car that drove by without stopping would prompt Logan to say, "They didn't see my sign!" It was so funny. He was thrilled to earn $6 or $7 which is quite an accomplishment at 25 cents per cup. Kids make everything more fun...even a garage sale!She was absolutely unhappy about the fact that we made her wear a sun hat! What meanies!

My little explorer...he just wouldn't keep his shoes on!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


I have felt so liberated lately; almost as though I am a captive set free. Oftentimes I have felt as though I am held captive, unable to get out with my kiddos in a way that is constructive for all parties. My newfound feeling of freedom stems from a combination of many factors including (but not limited to) the fact that Mya doesn't currently have any therapies in Portland, the weather has been beautiful, I got a new stroller that I LOVE (& can get around in many, if not all locations), and the babies are finally getting old enough to skip naps and eat food on-the-go. I have definately been feeling 'cooped up' over the last year or so, but finally I am back on the go! Hallelujah...I love it. It is a real boost to the mental health of all involved! Today the kids and I went to the mall (without help!) to get their outfits for 4th of July pics, played with Addi and Lilly at their place (Rachel got some darling pics of Addi and Logan in the hammock...coming soon), we came home to play outside, had dinner, and Logan and I headed out for his music class. I love the feeling of being out-and-about! I included the kids' scrapbook pages of them playing outside today.

Thank you Lord for my precious babies that have required oodles of special attention, but thank you also that seasons of life are just that...seasons. Thank you for the sunshine, new strollers and the ability to get out-and-about. What a gracious God whose mercies really are new every morning!

Nothing new--Logan driving his tractor. He does the EVERY SINGLE DAY! (not's like it's in his blood or something...)

Mason tries so hard to ride the tractor. The problem being that when he tries to climb on he steps on the accelerator, launching him onto the grass. It is actually pretty funny to watch. It kind of looks like he is riding a bucking bronco.
Mya, in her sunhat....casually watches the boys play as she picks grass! It is the cutest thing ever. She is such an observer.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tara's Favorite Things

Okay so I am not exaclty Oprah (at all), but I do have a new favorite thing. I found these Ziploc steaming bags to use for veggies. I struggle with veggies at kiddos don't like them, and I hate dirtying a pan right at the last minute (you can only do veggies so early), and they get boring. So these bags are the new solution. I can put veggies and seasonings in the Ziploc steam bags and microwave them (the correct cooking times are even printed on the bags), and voila....PERFECT veggies with no mess, fuss or clean-up. How cool is that for a last minute veggie idea?

A Special Bond!

Lately the special 'twin bond' that Mason and Mya share has been more and more evident. They are always together; they just sort of roam around the house together. When they play, they remind me of a couple of little kittens. Rolling around together as though they are on a little hamster wheel. They share food and steal each other's binkies. Once one of them starts laughing, the other joins in and it is sort of like a Jr. High slumber party--non-stop giggling. They also encourage eachother to be more brave and mischevious. They are little trouble makers together--and they know it. If they are being naughty (unrolling toilet paper, etc...they work together while laughing hysterically). I feel so blessed to have the priveledge of raising twins. Mason and Mya are such a unique little pair. Their interactions are absolutely priceless! Here are a few:

Mya was climbing to get a toy while Mason stabilized the car so she didn't fall!

Mya was giving Mason his binkie back--after she stole it, of course!

The funniest thing about this picture is that the cups are empty. Mason got out a sippy cup to 'pretend drink' and Mya followed suit, because that's what twins do.
They scaled the bathroom stool in hopes of finding something good on the counter. Mya was the leader of this shenanigan.
Working together to do who-know's-what!

Mother's Day Pictures

I somehow overlooked doing a Mother's Day post that included pictures of our actual Mother's Day brunch with our family--better late than never, right? We had Greg and Judy, my mom and Tony, Rachel, Addi and Lilly over to our place for a brunch (you already saw table pictures). I wanted to put some of these pictures up so that you could see the pictures of all the kiddos--the five cousins! I may be biased but I think they are pretty stinkin' cute.

Life Update...

I am way overdue for a post about what's going on at the Bennett household. My laptop has been out of commission and it just got fixed today. I am so thrilled because our desktop computer is in our room and I never find time without the kiddos to get in there and update the blog or get on facebook....unless I want all the books in our room torn and chewed on of course. Over the last week we haven't done anything too terribly exciting. The usual: trips to Target and plenty of playdates. I did however make it to Babies R Us last week with Annie and Marissa to get my brand-spankin'-new double umbrella stroller. I now feel so free. The stroller is so compact and easy. Until now, I have been using the Graco, front and back double stroller which was necessary when Mason and Mya were babies, but now we are officially in a less cumbersome, side-by-side stroller. I even tackled the pet parade in Silverton SOLO--Ryan was working. Truth be told, I did have help because we met Dan, Annie and Marissa there for some parade watching, fire truck climbing, ice-cream eating adventures. We also had a fun little picnic with Ryan later that afternoon. Nothing but the healthiest treats for these kiddos ALL THE TIME! By healthy, I mean a HambugerHappy Meal. I always swore my kids wouldn't eat junk like that (but that was before I had kids):)Logan and I also had our last BSF classes for the year. Logan made sweet little cards for his teachers. BSF ending is rather bittersweet for me--I will miss it dearly, but I am completely ready for a break. What Logan learned this year in his own words--"I learned about Hoses and the nabernacle and nufing else" (Moses and the Tabernacle and nothing else). He always makes me laugh. He has such a funny way of wording things. So, that's about all you've missed over the last week! Blessings to you all!