Thursday, August 13, 2009

Crocs butter!

One of today's many blessings was the discovery of Crocs butter! Our kiddos practically live in their Crocs during the summer so they tend to get faded and sort of cracked looking. While I was at the Croc's store I found this little sponge deal that is supposed to clean-up and restore Crocs. IT WORKS! Our Crocs look like new. I know it shouldn't matter since Crocs are supposed to be play shoes, but our kids wear them to church...everywhere, so I was happy to see them spruced up part way through the summer. I just thought I would pass on my little find of the day!

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Gina Lierman said...

I did not know that, thanks ;) We just bought Connor a new pair while at the beach. I couldn't wait to go to Washington Square Mall in many kinds there!