Sunday, August 23, 2009

Twin Bond!

Having twins has been an incredibly difficult blessing! It is a lot harder than I would have expected, but there also some amazing, and unexpected, blessings that have come with raising twins. Mason and Mya have a unique connection that I can't explain. Everyone says that, but watching it develop and grow in infants is downright fascinating. The only way I can explain it is that they are sort of like an old married couple. They compensate for eachother, watch out for one another, and overlook the faults of the other. For example, even if Mason is in time-out (his crib) for biting Mya, she will attempt to take him a cracker and try to sneak him a toy so he isn't so bored. He does the same for her. Mason will take Mya her binkie if he finds it and vice versa. If Mason is crying, Mya will go find a binkie for Mason. Mason will pass Mya his extra blueberries because Mya loves them. They don't like to fall asleep without eachother. They squeal in a way that eachother seem to understand. If Mya notices that I am getting breakfast ready, she squeals and Mason comes running. They have this crazy, innate knowledge of what the other one needs. It isn't always peachy, but for the most part I have loved watching their relationship blossom and grow! Praise the Lord for the blessings our kiddos are.


Kristina said...

Now if spouses could just act like that..... LOL Twin love sounds amazing. How blessed you are to be their mama.

Gina Lierman said...

I like this brief! I get to see how twins acts towards each other. How amazing!