Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mya's Little Tidbit

Yesterday I took Miss Mya to Legacy Emanuel to get her developmental asessment and review. I haven't even been worried about it because she is doing SOOO well. She still has the diagnosis 'dissociation of maturation' but she is far surpassing their expectations developmentally so we will just have to wait and see (as far as I'm concerned). The very best thing that can be done for a kiddo with a motor planning issues (mentally and physically getting from point A to point B...swallowing, rolling, babbling, etc.) is to have lots and lots of modeling and practice. Typically that means lots and lots of therapy and practice at home. They suspect that the primary reason Mya has progressed so rapidly is that she has had Mason as a constant model of all the tiny steps that piece together to create task mastery. So having Mason just a few skills ahead of her has really given her the edge in taking off. She is constantly striving to do what he does and how he does it. She watches him like a hawk and copies what he does. It has also provided some stimulation and motivation for her to keep trying. She has Logan but it is a lot different than having someone right at your level to follow and copy. Currently Mya is in an informal study on dissociation of maturation as there isn't much literature about it available. That was a really LONG way to say that God knew Mya needed Mason. He knew the special needs that she had and He provided for them in His loughty wisdom and understanding. In my narrow perspective I thought I had it all figured out. I felt like our parental insight was going to be what gave Mya that leg up. Little did I know that God was caring for His precious daughter in a way that I didn't know anything about. I am so grateful for the Lord's mighty hand in the lives of our kiddos.

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Coleson's Blog said...

I absolutely love the yellow flower on her hat, matching paci (cause if you are going to have one, have it matching!!!-I think!) and your cute yellow earrings and, love, love to coordinate! :)(something I do!)