Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our Week at a Glance!

This week has been so busy! Nothing out of the ordinary...just a little bit of everything. Here's a glimpse into what we have been doing this week.

I took all the kiddos shoe shopping, however we only made it through Miss Mya. I will take the other two to get fitted later. Our kids all have wide feet so I like to make sure they get fitted just right....kind of time consuming, but Miss Mya's feet are all ready for fall. My patient boy got rewarded with frozen yogurt after our shoe shopping trip!
Corn on the cob...the one veggie we can get Logan to eat!
The Portland Children's Museum is always a favorite! Mom and I took the kiddos on Saturday...
What's not to love about water?
I love the monkey backpack/leash contraption. An absolute must for mothers of twins who are outnumbered by their kiddos.
Mason was dipping his binky into the recycled water....yummy!
YeeHaw!The Portland Zoo-We headed there after the Children's Museum. It was a long day, but we had a good time. The only bummer of the day was that Ryan missed out because he had to work...
Mya was out cold before we even made it inside the zoo!
Grammy and Logan...How sweet!
Proof that we survived!


Kristina said...

You're brave to go on an outing at the museum. But you just gotta do it, huh. :)

Denee said...

You were in Portland and didn't call me! I want to go to the Zoo! :)