Friday, October 24, 2008

Costume Calamity!

Last night at this time I was feeling pretty stinkin' good about myself. Logan had decided that he wanted to be a race car driver for Halloween (a little last minute but hey he's only 2), so making a run for the title "super mom" I got to work. I had until Saturday morning, for the Harvest festival at the Oregon Garden, to get his costume all together. Getting the driving suit was relatively simple: I had my mom (grammy) pick one up at the Disney store in Clackamas, however they didn't have the talking helmet (which was an absolute necessity for Halloween, but not necessarily for the Harvest festival). So last night, as I held a puking baby, I was able to rush order a talking Lighting McQueen helmet for Logan. DONE! All in a days work.

First thing this morning grammy brought Logan's costume over and what to my wondering eyes did appear? A SECURITY TAG! I proceeded to read all shoplifting websites to get the dumb thing off . Afterall Clackamas is a 45 minute drive each way, and the babies and daddy were home sick. I had no desire to make the long trip with sick kiddos. All morning we pulled, poked, stabbed, ripped and...nothing! That dumb thing was on there for good. So I ended up making the trip back up to the Disney store to get a replacement costume, since by this time the costume was pretty much shot. All that being said...Logan has his costume. Next year, he will have a Sept. 30th deadline for costume choice...this mom learned her lesson.

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