Tuesday, October 21, 2008


So I can officially say that all three of our kiddos have the stomach flu or something just like it. We have experienced, and thus cleaned up, the whole spectrum of undesirable bodily fluids. It is definately no fun for anyone involved (kids or adults). Poor Ryan was already out hosing off 'yucky' sheets and jammies in the front yard before he left for work this morning. What a sweet daddy!
Before Ryan left for work this morning he was sweet to point out the little flock of birds on the other side of the yard who were enjoying Logan's dinner from the night before. The clothes Logan had worn at dinner had also received the 'hose treatment' last night ...apparently birds go for that sort of thing! Yuck!


the Skips said...

hey girl, love your blog. so sorry you guys are sickies. missed you in group yesterday!!!! i'll be praying for the munchkins to feel better. love ya.

Shauna said...

Hey Tara! Love your blog! I'm so sorry your kiddos have the pukies. I hope they get better soon! We had a great time at the pumpkin patch with you guys...great pics!