Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Time!

Today was a beautiful fall day and it turned out to be rather warm to boot! Ryan and I took all the kiddos, with the help of Grammy, to the pumpkin patch just down the road a few miles. We met up with Duane, Shauna, Ella and little Ethan (just 5 weeks old)! We went to Bauman Farms and did all the things your $10 hand stamp entitles you to: hay mazes, slides, trampoline jumping, horse rides, and of course the great pumpkin search. The great thing about being 2 is that it doesn't matter to you if the pumpking you find is flat on one side, round, rotten or full of bugs! It makes the search that much eaiser (and that much more interesting for the grown-ups in the group).

Logan and Ella are an absolute hoot! I love that the simple things bring them so much joy. One of the best parts of the day was watching the kiddos play in, push, chase, and be pushed in the wheel barrow that we took to the field in hopes that it would hold the pumpkins we were going to find...we never did get any (lines were too long to pay). Oh well!

Ryan and Duane stuck with the big kids while Shauna, grammy and I packed the babies around...they also seemed to thoroughly enjoy the fall sights and smells (cider and kettle corn...mmmm) in between their naps of course! It was an exciting day for all of us...needless to say, all the kiddos were ready for bed pretty early tonight!


Janna said...

These are precious! The kids are all so cute and you and Shauna look great! We took our boys to the pumpkin patch this weekend too. SO FUN!

Angela said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun!