Friday, October 31, 2008


This year was Logan's first run at trick-or-treating or 'tick-or-teeting' as he would say! He was so stinkin' cute. He is so friendly...whenever a person would open the door and give him his candy he would ask about their pet (it seemed like there was always a cat or dog he could see) and then wanted to go inside. He would linger at the door, tell the person 'sank-ou' (thank-you) and then say, "Happy Halloween!" We had to keep reminding him that we had to go to another house. All in all he made out pretty well. Starting early this morning he wanted his unkin (pumpkin)...that's where all the candy is stashed. We will be spreading the candy out over the next month or so....depending on how much mom and dad eat!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tara!

Your blog is AWESOME! Way to go girl. I can't believe how much the twins have grown they are adorable!!! What a big boy Logan is. I miss you guys!! I hope we can get together soon. Dylan and Caden turn 1 on Sunday. Can you believe it has been a year since I brought these two little blessings home. Time goes so fast.

love you,