Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's a wonderful life...

What a wonderful life! As I look back over the last four years we have been nothing short of blessed. Great friends, family and of course the faithfulness of the Lord. A wedding, a house, a new career (for me) that has since come and gone due to mommyhood, continued farming for Ryan, a new car, a new car traded in on a mini-van (I too swore I would never drive one), a new baby , a set of TWINS...and that brings us to now!

So, Logan is 2...He is an absolute doll and has that special mischevious quality that only a little boy can have. For example, this morning he 'watered' his entire bedroom with a large spray bottle to the point that walls, bedding, books and a CD player were all very wet. I still have paper towels under his CD player to catch the still dripping water.

Mason and Mya are 8 months old. Mason is busy and loud (like his brother...nothing like his mom ) and Mya is a peaceful, quiet soul (for now). They are so different but they are absolutely wonderful. Our house is crazy but fun, busy but never dull, full but never lonely. I wouldn't have it any other way.

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Angela said...

Talk about a beautiful family!!!
Soooo excited for your new adventure in blogging!!!