Friday, March 11, 2011


Logan's 5th birthday was yesterday! Happy Birthday Logan James Bennett...March 10th 2006 feels like it was just yesterday in a lot of ways. I threw in this hospital picture for nostalgic effect.  Did it work?

Brings back the memories!  Our first photo op as a family of three!

Thomas the train party!

Usually I 'decorate' the food/buffet table, but since the kids are getting old enough to actually sit and eat I figured I would make their table the 'fun part'.  A motorized Thomas went around and around the track all through dinner.   

I made each of the kiddos special cups with their names on them. 
Our cupcake picks didn't show up until Monday (and the party was on Suday) so last minute I had to make homemade cupcake picks.  Thank the Lord for the scrapbooking program that I use for everything.
Why I threw in a pic of the party favors...who knows?

A group shot of Logan opening presents!In pictures like this one I always look like I am telling people what to do or yelling at somebody (haha), but I just talk with my hands, I sware.  I can't help it  Noboby is in trouble here... At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Jessica and I always have to get one of our famous 'sister pictures'
Logan is blowing out 5 birthday candles on the yummiest ice cream cake ever.  Nana (Ryan's mom) makes this ice cream cake that is fabulous...they call it the bomb.  She presses soft cooked brownies into a bowl, freezes it, adds ice cream, freezes it again, flips it out of the bowl, and drizzles chocolate syrup on it.  Mmmmm......!


Anonymous said...

I love your kiddos!!! So thankful to be a part of your lves bestie!

Coleson & Tate said...

awesome party mama!